Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Colour Purple

Recently on one of our exposes of Mr Frozen Moments we listed in great detail all his photomeme 'wins'. We have a few things that we would like to hang out into the wind in the light of day for group scrutiny of our team of Shamers.

We would post this to you individually but we have lost your email addresses when the Mongols were cata-. Oh, wait, mememonitor told me to never talk of that AGAIN. EVER!

If you have not already, go to SeeItSunday: Purple and look at two entries.

Ms Photine, who we voted for and delighted in her comment and Mr Frozen Moments (and in the words of frequent and courageous public shamer Atomische "and that's not even purple")

So go flee you uncolour blinded shamers and email us or comment and tell us who you think more worthy of 'purple'

We will keep tally here!

Photine: 18

Frozen Moments: 1

Wtf? Who cares?: 1 (This will grow)

Voting is now closed. Before we closed it the tally was Photine 18, Frozen Moment 136 and all from the same German ISP so we counted it as one vote.

Congratulations to Photine and welcome to the 5 new Shamers who reared their ugly cowardly anonymous heads for this little project.

The Photo Meme Hall of Shame: Growing in Sneaky Cowardly Underhandedness since 2006.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What We Dreamed

Mememonitor and me (colloquialism intended) upon returning to the Loft D'Amour (Loft of Love) and the Bare Mattress of Love (Bare Mattress D'Amour) found ourselves having the most restless of nights brought on by bad airline booze and worse airline food had the SAME and following dream...

We were townspeople in a large (well, sort of small) far eastern European Village and we were inside the fortified walls of the town away from our traditional farm and the streets were filled with people and goats and hens, and things burning and noise. Most of all noise. We were INSIDE the fortified walls because we were under SEIGE!!!

BY THE MONGOLS!!!! It was terrible, I tell you!

These Mongols were fierce fighters but also nomads and they travelled with their herds and LOOTED, LOOTED, I say. And we weren't giving them a lick so they put our city under seige but we had FORTIFIED WALLS. FORTIFIED WALLS, I say!

Well I was just thinking to myself and mememonitor was thinking to herself just how smart we were being all inside the fortified walls and the Mongols were outside. Until they started catapulting corpses with disease and other ickiness over the WALLS!

THEN...I woke up in a cold sweat. It was terrible. Then it occured to me.

I'd been through far worse than that...

I had transferred this Photo Meme Hall of Shame from the OLD BLOGGER to the NEW BLOGGER!

Now mememonitor and I are no Will and Ariel Durant but let us reach back into History for a little lesson for those photobloggers of you also using Blogger.

Until Google shows up at your fortified walls and begins catapulting rotted and diseased corpses at you, DO NOT CHANGE OVER TO THE NEW BLOGGER! It is a TRICK!

You heard it here first. Unless you heard it someplace else. Then you heard it there.

Memeshame, Out.

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

CRIKEY! (more to follow)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Does Donald Rumsfeld say 'cute' to you?

When the kids came along, my mother-in-law was forever reassuring me that all babies were cute, this to counter-balance the look of horror on my own mother’s face on being presented with her first grand-children. I love my Memeshame, don’t get me wrong, but for both the kids to end up his spitting image is a somewhat cruel twist of genetic fate, particularly for poor little Bindi. I don’t know what it is but I swear even our adoptee Fuzzy is starting to resemble Shame (Run, boy! Run for your life!).
Anyway, last week’s Moody Monday was of great comfort to me; ‘cuteness is in the eye of the beholder’ indeed. Witness the following:

Monkeygirl (This appeared to me in a nightmare once )
Erik (a very appealing dead wasp)
Journal Extime (This is a cat...with it's mouth open. Non-cute in so many ways)
Lomat (Before ending up with Memeshame that drunken night many years ago, I dated a guy who was indeed as cute as this microphone)
Fotogeneric (Now if only Bindi and Bobcat looked like THIS)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I See A Little Silhouette Banana


Saturday, January 06, 2007

Frozen Moments Watch

One of our resolution this year has been to try harder to recognize greatness.

We can't talk now because the streets of Baghdad are being scoured for our presence. They are looking for our Blackberrys but we have them hidden in our pants! We did, however, take time whilst hiding to scour the memes and look for Clear and Present Dangers Winners.

As we noted before Herr Frozen Moments stands out above the rest at the (frozen) moment(s). Please help us and let us know if we have missed any other of his wins. His site seems to be lacking a page listing all his winnings and we just want to do it here. He really shouldn't be so humble. We wouldn't be! Must Run! We see Headlights! Memes Out!

PhotoSharks Wins (In the Top 5, * denotes 1st place):
03/23/06 Trees *
04/13/06 Food
04/20/06 Blue
04/27/06 Easter *
05/11/06 The Woman *
05/25/06 Yellow *
06/01/06 Clouds
06/08/06 Birds
06/22/06 City Views *
06/29/06 Mirrors *
07/06/06 Glass
07/13/06 Photographers *
08/17/06 Singing
08/24/06 Eyes
08/31/06 Dogs
09/07/06 Old People
09/21/06 Sculpture, Art Objects
10/05/06 Roads
10/12/06 At Night
10/19/06 Rooms
10/26/06 Love
11/02/06 Internet
11/23/06 Cold
11/30/06 Scary
12/14/06 Baby *

SeeItSunday Wins (Sole Winner):