Thursday, November 30, 2006

All You Ever Needed to Know About Master *Fuzzy*Points*

As the next step in the adoption process of ThomP of *fuzzy*points*of*light* , we had Social Services run a bit of a background check (we are surprisingly fussy, given the state of our own unfiltered, murky gene pools, about who we welcome into the Meme family) and, since you all encounter our beloved scamp time and time again (unfortunately sometimes in a single theme) in the weekly memes, we thought you would like to partake in the information we gleaned.
We love you, Memethomp.

Who are you and why are you doing this to us?
I am, therefore I needn’t bother any more. Up until recently I was an architect. I gave that away because of the lack of consistent design work and high levels of horrid business style activity. Now I design retail interiors and public art pieces, as well as a certain amount of graphic design… I have a team of little suited monkeys that do all the business bullsheet for me, so I just sit in front massive screen and design all the time. It really is quite cool.

I have to do quite a bit of photography as part of my job, but I couldn’t call myself a photographer in a truly professional sense. I have done a certain amount of paid work for advertising and the like, but I resist unless they want abstract or art shots. Some one else can do the boring head shots and jewellery. I enjoy photography too much to go and ruin it by doing it for money. I meme because it gives me a creative challenge to extend myself both photographically and in my capacity to make abstract links between meme topics and unrelated photos.

What did you have for breakfast?
VEGEMITE!!!! Like having steak spread on toast. But there is no meat in it. A long macchiato from my lovely machine. I find the process of making ‘proper’ coffee almost as relieving and therapeutic as the relief from the caffeine withdrawal headache itself.

Have you ever been to the bloody big rock? No? How about Vegas?Are you one of us?
No big red rock for me… How could you tell? I find graffiti strewn alleys more exciting than major tourist attractions. Especially ones in the middle of huge hot deserts. As for LV, I have never even been to the USA… I intend to visit EVERYWHERE else on earth first! I have a romantic notion that it would be quite nice to become respectfully, internationally ‘known’ and then die in obscurity. I think that Vegas may be a good location for the latter. As for being one of you, I’ll send you some spit and hair in a jar and we’ll let the scientists decide for us.

Do you know Kerrin?
I once killed one with my bear hands… I had to hide it in my shirt so the ranger didn’t punish me for killing one of his stock. It gave me a nasty rash on my chest, so I guess it ended up fair for all in the end.

What gear do or have you used? Are there any manufacturers you'd like to praise or bad mouth here?
I use the new Sony DSLR a100, a couple of lenses and a remote flash. It is a great snapper for the price (as long as you change the crappy stock lens, which I think should be best used as a door handle). I do love it dearly. Sony however, are BITCHES! They really are ass bitches from hell. But it is a very nice camera. Oh, and photoshop… But only for colours. I don’t use it for anything you couldn’t do in a darkroom.

What other hobbies do you enjoy or enjoy inflicting upon others?
Biketrials. Look it up. The nerdiest ‘extreme’ (I hate that word) sport there is. It is my only true manly pursuit

Where else can we see your photos? Do you have any side projects?
I am working on a very specifically themed photo book called “No Junk Mail” that will be available for online purchase in the coming months, and hopefully in a bookshop near you a short while after that.

What is the best photo that you missed?
A million beautiful shots in India. I got worn down by the trouble caused by taking photos very quickly. I got to the point where I could spot 5 people who would hassle me if I took a shot at any point and eventually just gave up… I did get many wonderful photos… But I missed many more than I got. It is such a shame, and hindsight is being so cruel to me about it.

Tell us your worst habit.
I am genuinely forgetful. I was going to write something else here but I forgot it. Oh, and multiple posting for single meme themes… I just can’t help myself sometimes. It isn’t my worst habit, but my most appropriate.

If you weren't doing what you do now, what else WOULD you be doing? Photographer doesn't count.
Working in and around the theatre. Travelling EVERYWHERE twice. Listening to King Crimson and leading a life of decadence…

What are you wearing?
A black T-shirt with a girl blowing her brains out with butterflies on it. . The Jeans I wear most days, and a pair of shoes I wish I wasn’t. My feet are actually wearing the desire to be bare. I am never truly happy with shoes on.

Why can't you beeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaave youself?
Because I don’t want to… Being naughty is how I stumbled upon (read: was tripped over and given a spanking by) your kind selves. This in itself is an incentive to be naughtier still!

Ahhhh. We love you, Memethomp. Same time next week for your spanking?

Edit: Master Fuzzy kindly furnished us with some links to some of his best photos. Click below and go shower him in affectionate comments.

Green Tiles
The German
Red Shoes


Blogger kmm said...

I've just had a couple of really crappy weeks and knew I would get a laugh if I visited you. We kerrin terriers are getting quite rare and now you know why, it's people like *master* fuzzy****** hunting us down.

10:23 PM  
Blogger ThomP said...

I know where you live... In a general sense anyway. I know (or am pretty sure) you are on earth. I will narrow it down from there You shall be on my plate by the morn!!! Maybe a pair of Kerrin skin shoes would be nice...

1:36 PM  
Blogger kmm said...

I hope you like wrinkly shoes Mr(note the respect now)****Fuzzy**points****
ps Love your photosharks photo.

7:13 PM  
Blogger ThomP said...

Cheers big K!

I am ready for my spank now meme-mum and meme-dad!

12:17 PM  

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