Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Who Do You Love?

If Jafar Shameen knew the trouble we were going through to make this POST he'd love US.

The Nasty Little Secret of the Photo Meme Hall of Shame is that We Your Noisy AND ANONYMOUS Upstairs Neighbors, in our REAL lives as the heads of the Bill and Melinda Gates Charitable Foundations end up using more than one Google Account.

And apparently in Google's never ending miserable and puny attempts to bring down our massive monopolistic empire they have made it difficult for us to switch from one account to the next...

What what else can we do?

Use Hotmail? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... yeah riiiiiight.


Where were we?

Yes.... Who Do You Love?

Jafar Shameen has sensed a weakness in the Force and has decided to shore it up with his new WEDNESDAY photomeme Who Do You Love?

We love the day, we love the title, we love his template, and dare we say, we love him.

Mostly because he consulted us early in his project in a way that warmed our cold little hearts and made us wish we actually had traffic to deliver to his little endeavor.

But also because we love that it makes us thing of the cool Bo Diddley song and shows us that the photomeme as we know it is not dead.