Monday, February 18, 2008


Dateline VFXY!

Former gamer and VFXY founder Lev Kolobov announces new feature!

VFXY Weekly Themes is a new feature designed to collect and syndicate community-based themed postings. Themes will be as versatile, poetic, and fun as possible, and will range in matter from the simplistic to relatively complicated. In fact, if you have theme ideas, send them in using the contact page. The Weekly Themes will be announced every Friday at 12:00 a.m. EST by e-mail.

Post a URL from your current blog that matches that theme and your high resolution image will be syndicated in the same way that photoblogs are currently presented on VFXY. All postings, amateur and professional, will be accepted as long as they are appropriate for the theme. In addition, your photoblog must be linked properly or your photo will be removed by an administrator. In the future, we will implement voting and other features. If you have suggestions, ideas, or upgrades, please post them to the VFXY Google Group. Most of all, we want you to know that this is about fun, community, and great photography.

We can't wait to see what you share!

And, as always, neither can WE!

Where We Have Been. (Rhymes with bean.)

This morning I lay watching the sun in mememonitor's hair as she layed sprawled half on the Bare Mattress of Love and half on the Floor of Love, lazily planning another day of working the phones with calls to the United States of America in support of the Presidential Campaign of Mike Huckabee since we can't vote, being BOTH foreign and felons (We don't know any of his policies but Creationists make us giggle, the daft gits.) when she awoke and said "What about the Photo Meme Hall of Shame?"

"What Photo Meme Hall of Shame?" I replied.

Then I saw stars.

OOOoooooh! THAT Photo Meme Hall of Shame!

Well....2 things happened actually, that caused me some temporary blindness. Those were Shutterday: Nudity and Moody Monday: Naked.

We BEG the other photomemes, do not follow suit. We (Ok, I) SCOURED those photomemes looking for good nudity. There was none to be had. There were either nudity PUNS or bad nudity. If I want to see bad nudity I'll install a full legnth mirror on the Ceiling Of Love, thank you very much. You can't swing a cat round these damned internets or flickr without seeing GOOD nudity. Photomemes should stick with what they are best at, skies and cats.

On the BRIGHT side, we noticed today that the lovely Xerraire has one upped us in the Interview column by making hers a podcast. And it is GOOD! We'd totally copy her idea and make it our own if we had the faintest idea how. Until then (and it will be a long 'until then') we encourage you to go listen to the sexual tension crackling out of your speakers or those daft ears buds when you hear Xerriare and gumnut discuss photography at Unqie Exposures (link on the sidebar). We've been looping it in the Flat of Love all morning.

Additionally, we found this note tied to a rock and thrown through a window from Agent J under the Kitchen Table of Love this morning:

it's only been 20 minutes and already there enough contenders for an infinite number of shames for these weeks photofriday.
my particular fav is:

love agent j

So, as you can see, all is well here at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame and now that our candidtate is nearly eliminated (We don't quite understand how or why, or more importantly, how he was even in contention anyway) we will be watching YOU the daft gits who are not quite so daft gitty as be running for one of the most important political positions on Earth, while still taking fables at face value. AND NO MORE NUDITY! Or you will be GROUNDED young gits!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have looked out from the mountaintop and SEEN the Shame

Actually, this is sort of standing on the Mountain of Shame.

We come to you this week from the warm friendly confines of Thursday Challenge. Dale Hudjik's nice cozy photomeme an Island of Calmness and Serentiy the night before the Hell that is Photo Friday breaks out.

And what do we find?

A level of Shameless Self Promotion that would make you horse racers of PhotoFriday and double posters weep for your Mommies!

I speak of course of the HELLISH posting by the Web Wonder at

Now Tricia, who ALSO posts from another blog for a total of 4 posts this week, puts you Happy Little Postmonkeys to shame because either because she never found the reason to learn the word SINGLE as in 'post a single entry' and has gotten this far in life without knowing it (She mocks you wordsmiths for knowing words that limit your shamless self promotion) AND...

Because she is doing it and has ADVERTISING on her photoblog for you to all click on.

Woe to you fools who participate in the photomemes for the fun of it. You are truly silly in her eyes.