Monday, July 24, 2006

On speed

We at Hall of Shame love grannies, we really do, so it breaks our poor, miserable, evil little hearts to Name and Shame Cuidado for her sweet but ever so slightly off-topic posting to Pxite's"speed" meme.

I can sort of, if I use my powers of irrational thinking, see what Cuidado was thinking when she decided to post this: "hey look, everybody, I'm in front of a big boat, and it's gaining on me....must run very fast. Arrrggghhh", but it doesn't quite come off, does it? No, sorry. The only way this fits the theme is if you run past your computer monitor really fast and we would rather save our energy for going out for donuts, right, Memeshame?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Photo Meme Hall of Shame presents How to Save Yourself a Lot of Hassle when Posting to a Meme (Unit 1)

OK, so this is what you do. You get yourself a multi-purpose photo like this here banana and make it work its butt off for you. This one photo can be entered in a different meme for several weeks running. Themes that would obviously work for this photo are, for example: 'fruit', 'yellow', 'lunch', 'skin' and 'rude'. But learn to think outside the box- why not also post to 'apple', 'corporate', 'winter', 'sharp' and 'presidential'? At worst people will think you are just some dumb-ass who linked to the wrong photo; at best, people will think they're just dumb-asses for not getting the connection. The bottom line is, traffic is up and you're a happy bunny, laughing all the way to the Stat Counter. Genius.
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Welcome to the Photo Meme Hall of Shame

The honor of first posting ever goes to repeat offender Mr Rich Legg and his entry for the unofficial home of the Photo Meme Slapper®, Photo Friday's theme "Common". Now what do you think of when you think "Common"? "Vulgar", perhaps, or "ordinary", "unrefined", "average". Strangely, the good Mr Legg immediately (and I mean "immediately" because his eager little finger had obviously been hitting the refresh key every few seconds to ensure his usual - "common", indeed- position as number one) thought of his daughter.

Second entry on Photo Friday this week was Mandy. Not being a native of Sydney, Australia, I have to give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that cockatoos are to Australia what sparrows are to the rest of us, and not that this is the first photo that came to hand in an attempt post earlier than Ol' Lightening Finger Legg. Interestingly, the only comment so far on this rather delightful photo is by one Leggnet.

One or two others in the first ten or so postings for Photo Friday are verging on shame-worthiness but we'll give them one more chance to redeem themselves before being Named and Shamed. You have been warned.