Saturday, January 06, 2007

Frozen Moments Watch

One of our resolution this year has been to try harder to recognize greatness.

We can't talk now because the streets of Baghdad are being scoured for our presence. They are looking for our Blackberrys but we have them hidden in our pants! We did, however, take time whilst hiding to scour the memes and look for Clear and Present Dangers Winners.

As we noted before Herr Frozen Moments stands out above the rest at the (frozen) moment(s). Please help us and let us know if we have missed any other of his wins. His site seems to be lacking a page listing all his winnings and we just want to do it here. He really shouldn't be so humble. We wouldn't be! Must Run! We see Headlights! Memes Out!

PhotoSharks Wins (In the Top 5, * denotes 1st place):
03/23/06 Trees *
04/13/06 Food
04/20/06 Blue
04/27/06 Easter *
05/11/06 The Woman *
05/25/06 Yellow *
06/01/06 Clouds
06/08/06 Birds
06/22/06 City Views *
06/29/06 Mirrors *
07/06/06 Glass
07/13/06 Photographers *
08/17/06 Singing
08/24/06 Eyes
08/31/06 Dogs
09/07/06 Old People
09/21/06 Sculpture, Art Objects
10/05/06 Roads
10/12/06 At Night
10/19/06 Rooms
10/26/06 Love
11/02/06 Internet
11/23/06 Cold
11/30/06 Scary
12/14/06 Baby *

SeeItSunday Wins (Sole Winner):


Blogger laanba said...

Add See It Sunday Purple to his list, and no I'm not bitter at all. :-)

6:25 AM  
Anonymous ATOMISCHE said...

and thats not even purple :)

12:56 PM  

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