Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Good News and the Bad

We have several items of Good News and a couple of Items of Bad.

Let us start with the Good so that the pain of the Bad lingers!

Good news: We are BACK! We know, we are here, then there, then back, then away, thenover, then under, roly poly, pell mell. But this time we have a good reason and it's NOT THAT YOU HAVE BEEN GOOD GITS AND NOT POSTED CRAP TO THE MEMES! it's that we have added to our little brood. Bindi and Bobcat have a new baby sibling in Thrash, the Iron Baby. She looks disturbingly like Arvin, our driver, in the right light, but who says you can't hire good help these days?

Next Good News: A YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER has achieved his YOUNG LIFE'S DREAM! Young ***NOAH*** from Photo Tuesday has expressly set his life goal to be FIRST on Photo Friday. Not after the winnings, but in the postings. JUST LIKE MANY OF YOU GITS! Well he achieved it this week. And congrats go to him.

MORE GOOD NEWS: YOUNG NOAH IS GETTING HIS FIRST (named) SHAMING! The Young Daft Git posted a photo of a Fountain for the theme "Difficult Shot." Our difficulty was trying to guess his. Maybe he was being chased! Maybe he was holding his camera upside down while standing on his head! Who knows? Surely not us. And mostly because we are tired from getting up all hours of the night and feeding Thrash more iron. We questioned many other of the difficult shots but chose to let Young Noah have his moment in the spotlight as his own.

You thought we were done but we have YET ANOTHER NUGGET OF GOOD NEWS: The delightful Thursday Photo Meme, Photosharks, has returned from in inexplicable one month absence. Maybe they also had an Iron Baby but had the dignity not to trumpet it.

Now the Bad News: Moody Monday is looking for help. We couldn't help but wonder if Moody Monday was on it's last legs. Site Owner Greg Tee reports he is looking for assistance with CSS and HTML. If anyone reading this know how to help or even what CSS or HTML means, email Greg and make fun of him because he didn't know something. (A nugget of Good News, Greg Tee also reports that the Meme Moderation is going to be a BIT more on track with themes and winners actually being chosen and the like....time will tell!)

THE WORST NEWS EVER followed by a revelation of GOOD NEWS: Your noisy upstairs neighbors will not be going to THIS years Euro Photoblogger's Meetup in Barcelona BECAUSE OF WHAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR! We had to skip Europe owing very largeHotel damages because VERNON TRENT and IRONFLATLINE LIES AND WE DID *NOT* have any goats in our room and besides if we did, they were just there as Service Animals....YES!!! They were Seeing Eye Goats!

The last bit of good news? The Hotel has agreed to put all of last years damage charges on Vernon Trent's American Express Black Card. Funny, we didn't even KNOW he was American.

And lastly...Happy birthday, Mememonitor, from your Memeshame.