Tuesday, January 23, 2007

What We Dreamed

Mememonitor and me (colloquialism intended) upon returning to the Loft D'Amour (Loft of Love) and the Bare Mattress of Love (Bare Mattress D'Amour) found ourselves having the most restless of nights brought on by bad airline booze and worse airline food had the SAME and following dream...

We were townspeople in a large (well, sort of small) far eastern European Village and we were inside the fortified walls of the town away from our traditional farm and the streets were filled with people and goats and hens, and things burning and noise. Most of all noise. We were INSIDE the fortified walls because we were under SEIGE!!!

BY THE MONGOLS!!!! It was terrible, I tell you!

These Mongols were fierce fighters but also nomads and they travelled with their herds and LOOTED, LOOTED, I say. And we weren't giving them a lick so they put our city under seige but we had FORTIFIED WALLS. FORTIFIED WALLS, I say!

Well I was just thinking to myself and mememonitor was thinking to herself just how smart we were being all inside the fortified walls and the Mongols were outside. Until they started catapulting corpses with disease and other ickiness over the WALLS!

THEN...I woke up in a cold sweat. It was terrible. Then it occured to me.

I'd been through far worse than that...

I had transferred this Photo Meme Hall of Shame from the OLD BLOGGER to the NEW BLOGGER!

Now mememonitor and I are no Will and Ariel Durant but let us reach back into History for a little lesson for those photobloggers of you also using Blogger.

Until Google shows up at your fortified walls and begins catapulting rotted and diseased corpses at you, DO NOT CHANGE OVER TO THE NEW BLOGGER! It is a TRICK!

You heard it here first. Unless you heard it someplace else. Then you heard it there.

Memeshame, Out.


Blogger ThomP said...

ALERT ALERT!!! The Tuesday photo mem appears to be.... DEAD!!!

4:14 PM  
Blogger ThomP said...

Or alternatively... I fugged up... Heheheeee I'm so silly and cute!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous ATOMISCHE said...

However, Brandon Stone, the brains behind the super-exclusive WeeklyShot, has started up a new meme machine called VAZAAR. Muy Bueno!


1:12 AM  
Blogger neene said...

that's what i get for not staying on top of the hall
i've already switched!!!!!!

(but haven't had any really issues except having to sign in constantly...)

you guys havin' problems?

oh, & btw, i agree, that's pink not purple so i'm voting photine

(tho truth be told, i'd vote for a turrell anything any day)

5:04 PM  

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