Monday, November 20, 2006

Greg Tee of Moody Monday

Mr Greg Tee is the first Meme Moderator to take notice of the the Photo Meme Hall of Shame, or the first to foolishly mention it on his site and we've been glued to his hip ever since. The chances are good that the Moody Monday mention was your first exposure to us and you have never been the same since.

So who is this ground breaking individual you ask? So who is he who rides the first wave you inquire? So did we. Here was the first reply we got: "Piss off! I'm far too busy to answer your stupid questions and I'm sorry I took notice of you in the first place now stop bothering me but if you like you MAY submit a series of questions on a punch card and I will punch out the matching letter for you and your masses. NOW OFF WITH YOU!"

Below is the punch card we got back in the poste.

1. Who is Mr Greg T? Is he…
(a) A techie who likes taking photos?
(b) A photographer who spends way too much time on the internet?
(c) The Bob Geldof of the photomeme world?
(d) Henry, the mild-mannered janitor?

A. For sure! I am a manager of the engineering department at a Dutch Business to Business ISP during the day who sometimes has the time to take a photo or two.

2. In which of the following moods are you most likely to be of a Monday morning?
(a) Happy-go-lucky?
(b) Hung-over?
(c) Murderous?
(d) Relieved?

C. Murderous!

3. You're having a dinner party. With whom are you playing footsie under the table?
(a) Memeshame?
(b) the cat?
(c) Condoleeza Rice?
(d) You're afraid to look?

A. Memeshame for sure! Although I'm still waiting for those photographs she promised to send me. (Mr Tee was given the chance to change his mind once he learned that Memeshame is the male half of the duo but he declined to do so and Memeshame was thusly quite touched. - the eds.)

4. What's the best thing about running a photomeme?
(a) It's all about the power…. THE UNDENIABLE POWERRRR! mwha ha ha ha ha?
(b) It's all about giving photobloggers a place to show off what they got?
(c) It's all about being asked to give an interview on Hall of Shame?
(d) It's all about the little people?

A and D. I love to have all that power over the little people ;-) No serious, the whole idea was to have a photomeme for and by "the people"

5. We will give you a plane ticket to go and take photos to your heart's content in one of the following places (possibly only one-way; depends what we can get for memeshame's kidney). Which appeals to you most?
(a) Europe ?
(b) Africa ?
(c) Antartica?
(d) Utah ?

B. Kruger and Cape Town... (planning on it already)

6. If your photo-taking habit was to be replaced by another, would it be…
(a) the ponies?
(b) nail-chewing?
(c) gym-membership?
(d) a nun's?

E. Taking up knitting together with memeshame. (or mememonitor, who knows?)

7. Having seen this interview on Hall of Shame, your new-found fans are surely going to want to send you presents from all around the world. Which would you prefer?
(a) cash or gift vouchers?
(b) Underwear?
(c) local speciality sweeties?
(d) them never to contact you again?

B. Only if it's worn for more the 2 days in a row.

8. Who was your favourite James Bond?
(a) George Lazenby?
(b) Roger Moore?
(c) Sean Connery?
(d) Any of the new crappy ones?

B. I would have to go with Roger.

9. What, in your opinion, makes the best subject for a photo?
(a) A cute baby animal?
(b) A flower?
(c) Scenery?
(d) People?

I think D is usually the hardest to get right, so that for me makes it the best if its done right.

and finally…

10. What are you wearing?
(a) Your cowboy outfit?
(b) Comfy casual?
(c) Dinner suit?
(d) Less than us?

Usually B, my suit days (I used to be a consultant (shame shame) are over ;-)


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