Saturday, September 30, 2006



We Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq, your noisy upstairs neighbors, have been on an around the world trip in our private dirigible as I, memeshame, call it or zeppelin, as mememonitor call it. We've lost the papers that came with it when I traded a vase and some olde manuscripts for it. I'd look up the name to settle the dispute but I'm afraid mememonitor is right again and I'd feel so silly after all this time pronouncing to natives all over the world that I am the greatest dirigible pilot ever when in fact I am the best zeppelin pilot...

But one thing we do agree on...and the hundreds of you who wrote in...

ARE THESE HORRIBLE INFRACTIONS!!! PF) design), Tuesdays Photos), TP) PF) PF) (hot PF), formerly jbe photo)

Feel free to challenge us, (The Doorman does when we give him his Christmas tip), defend thyself, call us names, throw rocks through our windows. Also feel free to look at these entries and mock the participants. It hurts, but it's how they learn. Then drop us a note so that Mr Gnet does not stand, as the cheese does, alone. Note to jkirlin: Please notice that your friend Mr Gnet is not on this months' list, but you are. Happy now?

Just remember, we are doing this for your own good and we love you like our own children, Bindi and Bob Shame.


Your noisy upstairs neighbors (as mentioned above),

Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tied to a Rock and Thrown Through the Window

Fortunately our window was already missing but it nearly hit the bottle on the mattress between MemeMonitor and myself, luckily since it was before noon we were dozing heavily. It was a note from a photoblogger questioning our intentions and upon throwing the rock BACK with said reply tied to it we decided we'd post them here with permission for avoid further tosses.

Dear Memes,

I'm writing with a couple of concerns for which I may be lambasted but here they are. It seems a little mean spirited to just pick one user for your Hall of Shame. Is this a harrassment blog or an attempt to actually make the memes a little more relevant? I tried policing a meme (Pxite) once myself when a user named Pix66 used to post images lifted from the Internet and entered them and vote for himself using made up profiles until he won it week after week. For my troubles I found images of my nieces and nephews loaded and entered under profiles called me a pedophile. Shortly after pointing this out to Nariman, the moderator, I decided to leave the policing to others. So I was sort of glad when I saw this Hall of Fame thing and thought maybe that abuses like THAT would be brought to light. I'm a little disappointed to see that this isn't the case. I appreciate the highlighting of entries that only seem to be trolling for hits and for entries which seem to ignore the rules, like my multiple image posts (Which I'm still going to use from time to time, heh heh). But let's try to make this a little more fair.

Jeff Kirlin

(Shameless self promotion plug deleted upon the advice of cousel)

And our reply:


Ok, not really.

Our reply:

Dear Mr Kirlin,

We are but 2 fellow travellers in this small world of Photoblogging and hoping merely to enlighten and educate rather than bully and berate and assisted by a small band of like minded minions. We look very kindly upon those who post a vigorous defense of their placement upon The Photo Meme Hall of Shame and because deep down underneath our crusty exteriors we are still crusty but not quite as much so we decided not to list them, especially given that they didn't receive any votes. Mandy and her small terrier Kerrin managed to defend through sheer force of will and we had, as we noted, a disagreement on the Pony Fight Club (The First Rule of Pony Fight Club is never talk about Pony Fight Club). Since Mr Gnet got the most votes and didn't seem to take his placement personally, we voted and the committee decided that his placement was warranted GIVEN THAT IT IS IN GOOD FUN AND OFTEN MEANS MORE EXPOSURE.

As for the lovely Mr 66(6), there is a special place in The Photo Meme Hall of Shame called Photo Meme Hell and we would gladly dash him upon it's brimstone rocks but we haven't seen him posting lately. But we have our bleary eyes peeled for him.

Now settle down but we appreciate your stones.


Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbours,

Memes Monitor and Shame, Esq.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

We had to pay the ragamuffins overtime (as well as compensate them for that incident with Memeshame) but finally the results are in and we are delighted to present the Meme Offenders of the Month, July 2006. It was a very close-run thing and the Top 2 were separated only by a few hundred votes each. There was one vote for and one vote against the pony fight, neutralising it. Other nominees were ignored by the voting public and so we have a Top Two rather than a Top Five this time. The winners are:

1. Rich Legg for 'Common'
Mr Gnet inexcusably posted a photo of his young daughter for the Photo Friday theme 'common'. This left us and our voting public stunned and horrified and requires no further comment. The votes were fairly bulging out of our mailbox.

2. Rich Legg for 'Electric'
It was noticed by us and one of his commenters that his barbed wire fence was not in fact electric. The fact that it conducts electricity means that Mr Gnet could have instead posted water, trees, a Faraday cage, or a small child, much as he did for the theme 'common'.

We thank you all for your participation and invite you to send us your nominations for August. A short list will be drawn up and posted here as soon as we can muster the energy.