Friday, April 20, 2007

ths s msdedi

Several years ago in a small coffee shop outside of Las Vegas, we Memes encountered a nattering woman holding up a napkin holder to her face as if taking photos of other customers. We had forgotten about it until recently when found ourselves face to monitor with the photoblogger known as msdedi. It may or may not have been her, but we suspect they are sisters in spirit.

msdedi is one of the nicest, rule abiding photo meme participants that we see. She has had the misfortune of exchanging emails with us from time to time about all things photomeme and we are sure must have, at some point, regretted the whole mess. But she has always allowed us to make things right and earned our respect WHICH NONE OF YOU SOTS HAVE as have many of you.

We now give you, msdedi

1. Who are you and why are you doing this to us?

I’m a 50+ yr old female, married, w/2 sons, 1 pet, and an obsession with functional anatomy/kinesiology/biomechanics as it applies to corrective exercise and people….. Why? For the fun, uh, ahem, uh…..discipline of course.

2. What did you have for breakfast?

Coffee, egg, fruit

3. Do you know Kerrin?

Who saw her/him last?
What is your connection to the said above…
When will you reveal this information?
Where is the mysterious Kerrin…
Why are you doing this to me?

4. What equipment do or have you used? Are there any manufacturers you'd like to praise or bad mouth here?

Rebel XTi, assorted lenses, Canon G5, G2

5. What other hobbies do you enjoy or enjoy inflicting upon others?

6. Where else can we see your photos? Do you have any side projects?

In the technical manuals of certain machine guns and handguns, a few billboards for exercise facilities, various brochures, newsletters and teaching documents for said facilities and at

7. What is the best photo that you missed?

Too many to count

8. Is is miss dedi, missus dedi, mz dedi and what is a dedi?

A Dedi is a nickname given by siblings, an ms is an appendage given by a husband to enable the then computer illiterate wife to have a mailbox on said computer.

9. Tell us your worst habit.

Reading trashy novels

10. If you weren't doing what you do now, what else WOULD you be doing? Photographer doesn't count.

Raising and training service dogs

11. What are you wearing?

Black….. of course

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Hall of Shame Blahhh-Theme-Protest

We have turned a blind eye for long enough (and Memeshame has just opened his). We’ve been a little loathe to bite the hands that have given us so much entertainment over the last months but at this juncture, having just awoken to the unworthy offering of ‘spring’ from the Lensday people, we’re getting the banners out and calling the photomeme moderators to task for what has been a particularly drab few months of unimaginative…dare I even call them such?...”challenges”. We lay before you, the punters, the ignominious evidence:

Lensday, April 11 - Spring
Thursday Challenge, March 29 - Spring
Tuesday Challenge, March 27 - Spring
Macroday, March 25 – Green
Thursday Challenge, March 22- Green
Lensday, Feb 14- Green
Lensday, March 14- Green
Lensday, March 21- Yellow
Unique Exposures, April 7- Yellow

Kudos to Moody Monday, Photo Sharks and Photo Friday for granting us a bit of variety. And a nod in the direction of that new little upstart, Shutterday, for a cheeky attempt at subversion (which failed miserably since at least a third of participants posted contrary to Homer Laffoone’s instructions).

We Memes pride ourselves on the service we provide to the community so, ever helpful, we are hereby providing the photo meme bosses free of charge with a list of original and challenging themes to choose from. It will save them the bother of thinking and will no doubt get you participants’ juices flowing.

(Note to photo meme moderators: if you would like to use one of the suggestions below, mail us so we can take it of the list. First come, first served. All decisions made at Hall’s discretion. No correspondence may be entered into, etc.)


Memeshame suggests…
“underwear while still being worn”

or any combination of the above

Friday, April 06, 2007

Why the Boomtown Rats Might Have Had a Thing Against Mondays. Revealed.

If there was ever a reason for Memeshame to roll off the mattress of a Monday morning, it would be to give the entries for Moody Monday’s recent theme of ‘indecent’ a thorough and repetitive perusal. As per my duty as his long-suffering common-law wife, I had to slap him around the head a few times to redirect his attention to the job at hand, i.e. the smoke-signals we saw on the horizon a few days back and which we interpreted as ‘Check out these entries on Moody Monday. They need shaming, pronto’. Of course, we did read in the paper yesterday that the hog-skinning factory over in Squatville burned down during the night so the smoke-signals may also have been ‘Get the fire brigade quick!’ or even just, ‘squeeeeeeaaaaaaaallllll’. In any case, better to be safe than miss a potential shaming and having checked back through a few themes, we found the following:

For the ‘celebratory’ theme, Eyevision shows us how he celebrates with a trip to the mobile horse gynecologist. We will be refusing all birthday party invites from him in the future (but we’ll send flowers ‘cause we’re thoughful.)
A few non permanent links, notably by Noseum and Mary Commentary got on our wick a bit but we were refreshed by Mick Mather’s ever valiant offering of his art to a photomeme. It saves us having to take the kids out to the Guggenheim.

Moving on to the theme of ‘gluttonous’, we found entrants whose idea of a good glut were newspapers (One-eyed Man), Jesus (Photogeneric), a cow, uncooked, we hasten to add (Pontos Devistas ) , fire (gcdc ), a boob on a frame, which at a guess has never experienced gluttony in its entire life (Saophoto ), and lettuce (Aphrauxdite). Again, we’ll have to reconsider dinner invites from all of the above but we’ll send you all some Death By Chocolate cake because we’re nice (and know indulgence when we see it).

Edit by Memeshame: Pssssssst. Saophoto, mate. Send all dinner invites care of me. The wife need never know.