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We Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq, your noisy upstairs neighbors, have been on an around the world trip in our private dirigible as I, memeshame, call it or zeppelin, as mememonitor call it. We've lost the papers that came with it when I traded a vase and some olde manuscripts for it. I'd look up the name to settle the dispute but I'm afraid mememonitor is right again and I'd feel so silly after all this time pronouncing to natives all over the world that I am the greatest dirigible pilot ever when in fact I am the best zeppelin pilot...

But one thing we do agree on...and the hundreds of you who wrote in...

ARE THESE HORRIBLE INFRACTIONS!!! PF) design), Tuesdays Photos), TP) PF) PF) (hot PF), formerly jbe photo)

Feel free to challenge us, (The Doorman does when we give him his Christmas tip), defend thyself, call us names, throw rocks through our windows. Also feel free to look at these entries and mock the participants. It hurts, but it's how they learn. Then drop us a note so that Mr Gnet does not stand, as the cheese does, alone. Note to jkirlin: Please notice that your friend Mr Gnet is not on this months' list, but you are. Happy now?

Just remember, we are doing this for your own good and we love you like our own children, Bindi and Bob Shame.


Your noisy upstairs neighbors (as mentioned above),

Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq.


Anonymous Mr. Snappiepants said...

There are 4 leaves - ready the story. :)

You're kind of a dumbass, huh?

11:59 AM  
Anonymous memeshame said...

Dear Mr. Snappiepants,

Name calling is never a defense. Didn't your mother, Mrs Snappiepants, teach you anything?

Here is why we listed your photo. True, we did see at least 4 leaves in your image. But there were more. By the same token, you could have posted the whole branch/tree/forest claiming that there were 4 leaves in the shot. We feel, as we do not know for certain, that the Theme was 'Four', not 'At Least Four' but no mathematicians, we.

We also feel the need to mention that it was a 'photo' meme not a 'hallicinatory free verse hash smoking writing sessions with your mates' meme and...that's it! Perhaps you had 3 mates with you whilst working on whatever prose you stuck under the image of THOUSANDS of leaves.

We simply couldn't make any sense of it and the person who nominated it felt it fitted the criteria to qualify for our ivied Hall of Shame.

We did read(y) the stor(y) and STILL could not make sense of it and it frightened us further so it remains in play as undefended.

What does this mean to you? Nothing. What does this mean to us? Our reason for getting up in the morning is further enhanced.

And in response to your query of 'You're kind of a dumbass, huh?' we can only answer that we were unaware there were different kinds of a dumbass so we can not adequately categorize ourselves although we may possibly fit at least one but the one thing we do know, that you apparently do not, is that we are plural, dumbasses.

And now to end as you so eloquently ended your defense...huh?

2:04 PM  
Anonymous mr.snappiepants said...

Your not funny. Your boring.

Go fuck yourself.

Warmest regards,


11:30 PM  
Anonymous memeshame said...

Dear Snappie,

It's so nice to be able to let go of the much more formal 'Mr Snappiepants' and now simply use the Snappie that you must allow your best mates to call you. Maybe we could even call you 'Snap' and you may call us, Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq as do our dearest chums.

We'll beat lovely kerrin to the punch and suggest that we have found another who perhaps takes this little endeavour a little, too seriously. If it's any comfort, this site is basically only read by you, Dear Snap, and us, the Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq. and kerrin from time to time. Say hi to kerrin, Snap. She's nice AND get's it. Which we now see you do not (as perhaps reflective of other areas of your personal situation).

Be that as it may, as you so eloquently mention 'Your not funny' and 'Your boring', you are sadly correct. We are. We know. Because it's subjective and seen through your eyes which makes us frown on the inside for you. But on the outside we are tittering with glee because we find ourselves delightfully witty and if we didn't already know us, we'd most certainly like to.

So we will allow you the last word and, in fact, go fuck ourselves. (plural)

Warmest regards,

your noisy upstairs neighbors,

Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous mr. snappiepants said...

I'll decide what I take seriously and what I do not take seriously. Thanks.

And re "getting it". I "get it" quite well, fuck you very much.

I'd appreciate it if you removed the link to my site from your page.

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

Snappie the Great

6:30 AM  

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