Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I have looked out from the mountaintop and SEEN the Shame

Actually, this is sort of standing on the Mountain of Shame.

We come to you this week from the warm friendly confines of Thursday Challenge. Dale Hudjik's nice cozy photomeme an Island of Calmness and Serentiy the night before the Hell that is Photo Friday breaks out.

And what do we find?

A level of Shameless Self Promotion that would make you horse racers of PhotoFriday and double posters weep for your Mommies!

I speak of course of the HELLISH posting by the Web Wonder at www.feverishthoughts.com

Now Tricia, who ALSO posts from another blog for a total of 4 posts this week, puts you Happy Little Postmonkeys to shame because either because she never found the reason to learn the word SINGLE as in 'post a single entry' and has gotten this far in life without knowing it (She mocks you wordsmiths for knowing words that limit your shamless self promotion) AND...

Because she is doing it and has ADVERTISING on her photoblog for you to all click on.

Woe to you fools who participate in the photomemes for the fun of it. You are truly silly in her eyes.


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