Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Like Drinking From A Firehose

Often when we are interviewed by the International Press (Perhaps you saw us on Larry King on CNN whilst we were in country or our joint interviews on the BBC Newshour and Al Jazeera) and asked why we only shame photomemes.

The answer is the same as to the question: "Why do you hate George Bush and cat photos?"

"Because it's so easy." (Ok, we have to work on hating cat photos, but it's worth it in the end.)

Then the inevitable question arises 'Whither flickr'?

We Memes have hearts. Think us not completely heartless. We heart you. We do not however heart flickr. We don't shame flickr because it is not worthy of our shame, but rather, because we don't know where to begin. We can walk on the backs of fishes packed into the barrell of stupidity that is flickr and not get our hooves wet.

From those daft groups, to those HATEFUL HATEFUL HATEFUL silly awards that daft gits give other daft gits in the daft git comment section where they used to leave daft git comments like 'I like your daft git photo because I'm a daft git, too' now they leave AWARDS with little .gif (.gif sort of brings to mind daft git? Coincidence? We think not.) things that make us SPIT. The entire endeavor is one big daftgitorium!


What prompts this you ask?

We got a comment that we elevated to Post Status from a one Mr Matthew Robertson who we like and has yet to attain Agent Status (Email us your self chosen designation) that shows us the best and most honest flickr group EVER! See below. (You've already seen above, daft git.)

Matthew Robertson has left a new comment on your post "Updates Three":

Your pic has won the Flikr [sic] Self-Pleasuring Award.
Please add your photo to the Flikr [sic] Self-Pleasuring Award Winner pool and tag with "Self Pleasure".


We are self pleasuring ourselves at the thought of this wonderfully honest and wholesome group.

Now we must, in all fairness and honest self disclosure, answer the following question:

Q. "Do you Memes have a flickr account?"

A. "Of course! What do you take us for? Luddites?"


Blogger KeithAlanK said...

I'm the moderator at the Flikr(sic) "Self Pleasure" group mentioned here, started by my friend M Robertson. I'm glad someone finally gets the joke. Judging by the people who accept our invites and post to the group, Matthew's humor is going over their heads. One would think that combining the term 'Self-Pleasure' with Matthew's "OK" gif that suggests.....self pleasuring...would be a big enough hint, but I guess the attention-whores of the Flickr world are too greedy to pay attention or suspect that everything is not as it seems. I look for mediocre photos that have been posted to 50+ groups, fishing for ego strokes (like the cloud photo with Photoshopped lens flare--the fool posted the original in his Flickr stream for all to see, if they dig deep enough). We also salt the pool with a few of our own photos so it looks legit. Thanks for the recognition, I just hope we can stay under the radar enough to keep reeling-in the suckers.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Iron Flatline said...

OMG, really?!?! The Hall has found a like-minded soul over at Flickr?!?

It's really too much responsibility for one group to handle. I think it's time that Bananas get handed out at over at Flickr.

Kudos to you, keithalank. Even though your user nic looks like a Finnish town name, you and your friend will be hailed as heroes some day.

I think... Then again, no one actually pays attention to photos at Flickr.

2:49 AM  
Blogger Matthew Robertson said...

Flatline, it is a big job, but it has much in common with the less tongue-in-cheek Flickr awards. You do not need any skills, qualifications, or prior permission to hand one out. If you can copy and paste, you can have an opinion.

Head on over to and start handing them out to deserving individuals. It's that easy.

1:05 PM  
Blogger neene said...


2:00 PM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear flickring rabble rousers,

We Memes, Monitor and Shame Esq are EXTREMELY proud you all. But here is why we can't participate in this at flickr: We need to keep our REAL identities secret because we don't want to imperil our positions as the heads of the Bill and Melinda Gates Charitable Foundations and flickr doesn't have a good way for us to leave things like that.

My icon BillGates, I mean memeshame, would TOTALLY give me away. But carryon braver soldiers than we!

2:26 PM  

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