Monday, June 18, 2007

The Group Photoblog Hall of Shame

Weekly Shots, in a continuing effort to find and redefine itself (and perhaps it's inner child), has christened itself to be a Group Photoblog.

Now much like Kindergarten, everything we ever needed to know about Photoblogging we learned at And a Photoblog is a collection if images by a photographer posted chronologically. And then you have group photoblogs, like the good folks over at WebPix. And then you have your photomemes like the good folks over at, well, the photomemes.

This from the own wiki as to what a photoblog IS...

A photoblog, therefore, is a form of weblog (blog). Whereas a typical blog uses text as its primary form of communication, in a photoblog the emphasis is photographs. Some blogs also contain pictures; some photoblogs also contain text. When is a blog a photoblog? When the emphasis is the photography and the images are not just used to illustrate the text.

Like more common text-based blogs, photoblogs usually have one author, but some have two or many more authors. Like text-based blogs, entries are usually posted to the photoblog by the author on a regular basis. The resulting posts are usually time stamped and listed in chronological order with the most recent photo (or photos) shown first and on the main page of the photoblog. Older entries are accessed via links that allow a visitor to navigate forward and back, chronologically through a photoblog's images.

Typically, some kind archive is available, often divided by month or category. Most photoblogs also allow visitors to leave comments that are associated with a particular entry. These comments allow a photoblog to establish a community of visitors. Comments usually link back to the commenter's site. This further permits the creation of a loose community with authors and visitors able to access, share and communicate through each others sites.
The dynamic nature of blogs and photoblogs compared to static sites means that blogs require some form of
content management system (CMS) rather than being built by hand. These content management systems usually provide the photoblog's authors with a web service that allows the creation and management of posts and the uploading of images. The CMS delivers webpages based on the data entered by the photoblog author. Access to photoblogs is usually unrestricted and available to anyone with internet access and a browser.

Ok, students, listen up. Blogger, which is quite bloglike and may contain photos is scorned as 'not a photoblog'. However, according to this definition, FLICKR may be considered a photoblog.

So children, if YOU are a member of flickr, you are a member of perhaps the greatest group photoblog EVER!

However, it's unlikely you will see yourself in the Hall of Fame anytime soon.

But back to Weekly Shots...

Not only is it a photoblog. It's a HOT photoblog. According to of which Weekly Shot is like...a cousin. AND it is in the HALL OF FAME!

Flickr? No.
Any other Photomeme? No.
Any other group photoblog? We don't know! What do we look like, know-it-alls?

But Weekly Shot is.

But ONLY because of a complex algorithm. Very complex. We'd explain it to you, but you wouldn't understand. So let's just say it's a algorithm and complex. And made up of MANY factors.

We can't tell you all, but we can tell you two.

1. Being a photoblog.

and now

2. Shameless self promotion.


Anonymous Atomische said...

I understand and appreciate that the algorithm is very complex, but please, explain! Especially in the context of WeeklyShot.

I think we can handle it.

10:08 PM  

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