Saturday, July 07, 2007

Live Shaming - Photo Friday: Busy

When it's summertime and the livin is easy, we Memes, prop up the Broken Window of Love with a stick we found on the street. So Agents S had no difficult tossing this massive note tied to a rock and thrown through our window. (Note to selves: Order screen repair kit from Home Shopping Channel as soon as the Eve Arden Cosmetics Show is over)

Now...from Agents S

First, I'm disappointed that the new theme 'Busy' is so similar to a theme just a few weeks ago -- 'Active'

But we press on:

I started at #1 and didn't have to look long before I was befuddled by 3amfromkyoto's entry (#2), which is a lovely photo, but appears to be a woman sitting perfectly still:

Bees -- Bees -- Bees (read Cliche -- Cliche -- Cliche):

#14 -- 'jamie in alaska' and 'hands' both need to get 'busy' changing their permissions on Flickr so that their submissions to photomemes aren't marked private.


#135 -- tag, you're it (I suspect this is not their real name) -- just plain awful photography (if you'll allow me to be so bold) -- I see 'Busy,' but I also see the other 6 dwarfs: Noisy, Blurry, Flashy, Pinky, Blinky and Underexposed.

#22 -- edrick02 -- no idea: (moon, leaves, feathers, water, none of which looks busy to me)

#37 -- *bildersite* -- I'm not sure what is 'busy' in this image, the vacant railroad tracks, the lazing pigeons on the rail, the pigeons sitting on the grass -- oh, perhaps it's the five (5) automobiles in the upper left? Beats me!

Still Life doesn't scream - "Busy" to me -- but apparently it does to:
#32 --archiprezmosis --

All the best,
--Agents S

Agents S! You are our long lost American Cousin/Cousines! Please call us when you are in country so long as you don't need money!


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