Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Calling All Agents Provocateur!

We recently had some Agents check in by tossing their rocks through our windows bringing some attention to some memes themes and a correction we feel the need to make, thusly we begin with the correction:

From a rock with the subject line 'I'd like to inform you'

Dear Photo Meme Hall Of Shame,

Shame on you! You have incorrectly linked my wonderfully evocative and hellish photo, with, one belonging, I believe, to Genre Cookshop: entry date June 6th, in your own entry:

Retro Shaming June 11th:

Hell is indeed a thing of ones own making.

Some fine examples:
-Being 2 back from the light (Oh, how hellish when the car in front stops on yellow! We agree!).

Whew, I think that's clear. If not, please forgive me--I'll take a picture and try to communicate that way. :oP

Yours in pixels,
PJ Taylor
Mostly Sunny *

That would clear things up if we ever went back to check anything. 'Move on!' we always say. 'Sally forth!' 'Never look back lest ye be turned into a pillar of salt!','Don't let the door hitcher ass on the way out.' We have a million of them. Did we ever mention the 7th Earl of Memeshame?
Consider Mostly Sunny's shaming to be unshamed or reshamed up shame placed where shame is due or whatever. SHAME ON!

Next order of business....

THIS JUST IN FROM AGENT XTROARDINAIRE (Husband of the VERRRRRRY lovely Mrs Agent Xtroardinaire)

From a rock with the subject line: MEME SHOWDOWN

Moody Monday and Photo Friday have both chosen ACTIVE as the theme of the week.

It's eeeeeeeeerie......

It's eeeeerie indeed!

*UPDATE* Although we like to have a titter here at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame, it came to our attention that no action was taken on correcting the error pointed out by PJ Taylor. When efforting a little project like this and having our (and hopefully your) fun, we must still be VERY diligent in meeting the expectation of respect for agents, shamees, and visitors the The Photo Meme Hall of Shame. We apologize to Ms Taylor and hope that Genrecookshop gets the shame coming to him/her. Sincerely - The Eds.


Blogger Josy said...

I was gonna ASK if you could shame whole photomemes. Choosing the same theme? What were they THINKING?

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dah, thank you Eds. I'm touched. Now back to shaming or everyone will think you've gone all gosh darn goofy and soft on us! :oP

PJ Taylor
aka Mostly Sunny *

6:14 PM  

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