Monday, June 18, 2007

Macroday- The Discovery Channel photomeme

Photomeming has always been a family affair round here but lately we've been shielding the innocent eyes of Bindi and Bob-Cat from what has become in recent weeks a rather cheeky Macroday. We have no idea what's going on over there but it has been a slow build-up, with might-be-completely-wide-eyed-and-innocent themes such as 'hole' and 'rubber' being followed up with the more in-yer-face 'body part'. Last week was 'bottom' (we've had to listen to Bob-Cat repeating 'bottom- submit yours' ever since) and this week? Well, this week they have 'sex' (as a theme, that is)! Now, we're no prudes and the bare mattress of love isn't called 'the bare mattress of laying around staring at the ceiling' for a good reason but Bindi and Bob-Cat are at a very impressionable age and we would rather not have them associating *ahem* 'getting it on' with copulating cockroaches, bonking beetles and..umm.. flies.

Has Macroday set up shop on the Reeperbahn, we wonder? Is this an attempt to tap into a whole new photomeme audience. Is Macroday perhaps vanguard of a new wave? Moody Monday was 'loved up' last week, for instance, and 'active' this week. Memeshame tells me he has money on it being 'horny' next (or maybe he paid money for it to be 'horny' next, I'm not altogether sure). Watch this space.


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