Monday, June 18, 2007

Blaaah is back.

Remember this? Why not? It should be engraved on your consciousness, popping up both at times convenient and inauspicious.

What is it with photomeme owners and colours? We had white last week for SeeItSunday, Red (the second, no less) for Macroday a few weeks back and now two photomemes are offering the punters 'blue' this week. Our beloved Dale Hudjik got in there first by announcing it a week in advance but Unique Exposures, by virtue of presenting earlier in the week, has already grabbed the attention of a few potential Thursday Challenge participants.

(I injected as much excitement as possible into the previous sentence. It wasn't easy.)

I think what we'll do is shame any of you who submit the same 'blue' photo for both photomemes. That's your challenge.


Blogger Iron Flatline said...

Triple points for anyone who posts the same image for the new BLUE Vazaar topic that launched this week...

9:17 AM  

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