Thursday, June 21, 2007

Wherein Lies Our Shame?

When we created this Photo Meme Hall of Shame it followed a discussion we had on the Bare Mattress of Love concerning the posting of images to PhotoFriday in a frantic jockeying for position. Our mission was clear and our scope was narrow.


Since we have brought to light this little habit, with few notable exceptions this rule now seems to be followed (more or less).

Through the work of our many street agents (X, 99, and many others) and even some DAFT GITS WHO USED THEIR OWN NAMES we have found that the scope of shaming needs to be widened to address other aspects of participation in the photo memes.

Some of these come the memes themselves include repeating each others themes, (DO YOU NOT LOOK AT OTHER MEMES, YOU SELF CENTERED BUNCH OF PHOTO MEME MODERATORS???), allowing rampant vote fraud and thrusting into Victory those with the itchiest mouse fingers, Strict rules meant to increase participation which only leads to photographer abuse.

And then those participants who abuse the system by submitting the same images over and over (Oh how have grown to loathe the Bride with the frosting on her face), those who attach signs and symbols to their names at Photo Friday to be noticed (most recent abuser __________ms (no link granted)).

So we need your help. We want to know. What bugs you the most?

As always we have mutiple means of submission. You may either email/tie to a rock and throw through our window with a vote or an explanation you'd like to have posted anonymously. Or you may comment as such.

We will keep a tally here and post future comments.

The Biggest Pain in the Arse Is:

PhotoMeme Category
Multiple memes using the same theme: 74
Daft rules we can barely understand: 0
Inconsistent changeover times: 0
Rampant vote fraud/friends always winning: 1
Horrible photos inexplicably always winning: 16
Other: 0

Photographer Category
Posting irrelvent images just to be first: 124
Recycling images multiple times/multiple memes: 67
Abusing entry names using symbols or 'nudity' when there is none. (memeshame's most hated abuse): 1
Winning FAR too often (nudgenudge): 2
Other: 0

Tune in frequently for results. Feel free to forward this link to all of your friends/Romans/countrymen or bring it up around your watercooler at work (or unemployment office if times are tough)

Also, should we create a banner or button indicating one has been shamed? Much like our real time items in our online store. (Attention Shoppers! The first shipments of EVERYTHING has sold out except for the dog jackets! We are simply backordered a few weeks. Please, no more calls!)

Or perhaps have an annual glitzy dinner when we present our 'Shamies'?


Anonymous cranky said...

MY biggest issue is the crappy memes that are presented week after week. What is with all the colors, anyway? And the elements: Sky, Water, Rain, Weather, Clouds - is this a meteorological conference? When presented with the same stupid meme twice in a month or even a week, it’s natural to not put much effort into finding the perfect photo to match it.

The English language contains about 170,000 commonly used words. About half of those are nouns and a quarter are adjectives. Why can’t the memes get beyond “See Spot run. Run Spot run!” ? How about some big words? Just randomly opening my dictionary here are a couple “Hierarchy”, “Hidey-hole” “Hexenbesen” (look it up). How about really specific themes? “A big-boned woman eating ice cream and wearing sneakers” or “An example of how Bush’s antiterrorism efforts have made us safer” (wait, that last one would be impossible).

8:20 PM  
Blogger neene said...

at the risk of (over)exposure...
anything that bores me:
multiple themes
recycling images

a little "shamed" link button for our blogs would be nice,
a glitzy dinner would be better

9:22 PM  
Anonymous ATOMISCHE said...

I agree with cranky, and would rather have the challenge and risk of a totally random word chosen from the dictionary. Instead we get a word randomly chosen from a first-graders pack of flash cards.

And why does it even need to be a word?

I concede that maintaining well-run interactive web sites like these is hard, on-going work. But choosing the weekly meme should be the funnest part! Not an afterthought.

Makes me want to create my own meme site from scratch.

9:57 PM  
Blogger laanba said...

I'm tired of crappy photos winning while good ones are overlooked. That isn't to say that every photo that wins is crappy, but there have been some doozies that have been recognized.

12:54 AM  
Anonymous Turnbill said...

Well, I want second that Shutterdays is a breath of fresh air in the photomeme world and has typically done a great job of coming up with unique challenges that do indeed encourage participants to stretch a bit.

I do of course realize that the photomeme sites are doing what we photobloggers are also trying to do - attract more hits so we can quit our crappy day jobs and earn big bucks selling our precious photos over the web while we travel the world with our cameras taking yet more photos - bwah haa haa!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Homer Laffoone said...

Greeting Current and Future Shutterdayers,

We just felt we needed to chime in here. Shutterday was created with a slightly more challenging or complex photo meme in mind. That being said, we have learned a few things. Even at our own meetings when a challenging theme is presented there is a general groan around the table that we ourselves do not have anything to post for that theme.

To quote Tony Blair "Don't lose heart from that, TAKE heart from it."

We think that a photomeme should challenge and inspire, not merely be a place to submit photos. That is what the photoblogs are FOR. We want Shutterday, and other memes, by extension, to be a place for you to be challenged to take a portrait if you usually do not, to break that photographer's block that sometimes strikes us all, to get you to stop posting images of cats!

That being said, we find that the most challenging photo themes are met with a yawning dearth of submissions while sticking out a sign on your door saying 'blue' will find your meme populated beyond expectations.

So meme moderators strike a balance between increasing participation and challenging its participants.

It should also be noted here that photo meme participants are a very flighty lot. After images are posted, they do not usually return until it's time to post again. We find very few participants vote and/or comment and that those that vote most are usually voting for themselves. It takes careful moderation to keep Shutterday from being a vehicle for shameless self promotion, yet at the same time, when a blog with RUTHLESSLY moderated, you find overly sensitive particpants dropping by the wayside and failing to participate further.

We feel (obviously) that Shutterdayers are some the best of the photomeme particpants. They are active, polite, supportive and we are honored that they choose to particpate in Shutterday and make it part of their weekly activities. We look forward to working more closely with them to make Shutterday a photomeme that they can be proud of and to have particpated in.

For Shutterday,

Homer Laffoone

6:54 AM  
Anonymous jkirlin said...

I find recycling photos to the photomemes helps the environment and cuts down on greenhouse gasses and requires less thought thereby burning fewer calories and requiring less food that can be sent to the poor children of Biafra. I'm only trying to help.

1:37 AM  

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