Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Gold Star On Your Forehead.

We Memes have a simple system we use to determine our collective wants and needs, sort of like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and we are showing it to you only to illustrate a point.

1. Wearing out the Bare Mattress of Love

2. Meeting YOUR needs

3. Shaming you DAFT GITS back into shape.

4. All else.

It's VERY simple. Why do we bring this up at this juncture?

Because in an EARLIER post where we sort of poked a little fun at The Group Photoblog Project Formerly Known as a PhotoMeme and Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame member WeeklyShot we made reference to the special algorithm (We can't stop saying Al Gore Rhythm).

Here at the Photomeme Hall of Shame we have always sortof chuckled up our sleeves at the special algorithm because we have a very simple one.

In order to be listed in our Hall one ONLY NEED BE A DAFT GIT! (and catch our eye or better yet, be ratted out by a Secret Agent who poses as your FRIEND.)

It's easy.

So when we referenced the algorithm and said that we knew what was in it thanks to an agent provocatuer in the TRUEST sense of the word they said they could HANDLE THE TRUTH and wanted to know what it was.

We have it narrowed down to 2 possibilities and they are as follows:

Possibility The First: You take chromasia times a daily dose of imagery divided by skinnybuzzard, then you deduct some points for Blogger or WordPress and more than one image per page. If you use My Expressions or any other of the photoblogging services which do not allow bloggers you get a 15% increase, unless you are Satan's Laundromat. Once you have determined that value there is a small adjustment made for Canon over Nikon. If you use Olympus or Sony, you simply don't add the adjustment. Photographers using point and shoots of any manufacturer that used to sell film like Kodak and Fuji have to subtract 10 percent from their total but users of point and shoots manufactured by companies which also manufacture DSLRs get a 5% increase providing they also carry the DSLR otherwise they have to deduct 5%. Photographers still shooting film receive 7% bonuses for the following cameras: Holga, Diana, Lomo. Medium format film cameras earn you a bonus of 14% while Canon, Minolta, and Nikon SLR cost you 3% towards your final total. If you can submit a sworn affidavit stating that you are using a film SLR after using and building a substantial digital library using a DSLR, the penalty will be removed. Scanning film images or slides will not affect the rating and the adjustments are the same as applicable to the above description of cameras. Photoblogs which play music are disqualified from the Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame unless we like the music, then you simply lose a small adjustment of your final score. Sound effects are excluded. Showing EXIF data earns you a 2% bonus, knowing what the EXIF data means earns you a 12 % bonus (Please submit proof in writing) Participation in the photomemes, with the exception of Weekly Shots does not affect your score but participation in photobloggers.org, a wholly owned subsidiary of photoblogs.org will grant you a 9 percent adjustment of your score prior to the application of the camera information. Participation in Vazaar and microstocks does not affect your score. Participation in flickr is at your own risk, not recommended but will not affect your score negatively unless you belong to 10 or more groups and then you lose .5% per group until your score reaches zero or you run out of groups. Site traffic does not affect your chances or getting into the photoblogs.org Hall of Fame but traffic WILL increase your numbers of bookmarks and appearence on the HOT LIST (A completely different algorithm althogether). Lurking in the newsgroups will not negatively affect your final Hall of Fame score but active participation can earn you up to 20 points. Relevancy will not be taken into account nor will correctness of information provided. 1 point is deducted for not using spell check. Photoblogs which have pop up ads are disqualified from the Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame. Photoblogs with extensive advertising are disqualified from the Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame.


Possibility the Second: You just list a photoblog you like. When questioned, claim existence of complex algorithm.

We also submit for your approval the following letter from a Mr Robert Jones to the Photoblogs.org group re: The Hall of Fame

Hi Guys

I was very pleased to notice my old photoblog called 'Imitationeye' has recently got into the photoblogs hall of fame.

Imitationeye was only running for a couple of months and I closed it down in February this year. So apologies to the people who have clicked the link recently...(there are even a couple of new bookmarks!!)

Of course its a complement and I am grateful, but it does leave me wondering about 'hall of fame'.

What I mean is, shouldn't it be a bit more exclusive?? I mostly agree with the first 10 or so nominations, but after that the quality seems at bit ermm..variable?? And there's still some brilliant photoblogs that aren't yet included...eg Alkos, Shotage, Appareil etc...

Surely photoblogs.org must be scraping the bottom of the barrel if I'm in!

All the best!


Again, our mission here isn't to bring additional attention to the Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame (Did we mention the Photoblog.org Hall of Fame) but merely because we thought it cute that it contains WeeklyShots which we had never thought of as a Photoblog.

Disclaimer: We actually like the Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame very much as we do all of Mr Stone's projects which we feel truly does bring the entire online photographic community to a higher level.


Blogger Iron Flatline said...

The Western Flatline has NOT been made a member of the Photoblogs.org Hall of Fame... unjustly.

As such, I draw your attention to the following petition:


Fight the good fight!

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