Monday, June 11, 2007

Retro Shaming

"Every man must live in a Hell of his own making" - The 7th Earl of Memeshame (1741)

Quite the toastmaster was the 7th Earl of Memeshame. We have hundreds of his old sayings and sea ditties which he left to us on DVD before his untimely passing at the hands of a jealous husband in 1768 at the age of 91.

He used to give out his wit an wisdom freely. A little too freely if you ask us. "Go to Hell"? That was his. Completely uncopyrighted and dumped right into the damned public domain. He's been left out of nighttime blessings ever since.

Hell has come a long way since his day as seen in this week's Moody Monday theme of Hellish.

Hell is indeed a thing of ones own making.

Some fine examples:

A car without AC;
Starting blogging;
Just having washed your car;
Posting incorrectly;
A lovely skylight;
White clothing (between Labor and Memorial day in the US, uncertain about China)
Watching card playing on the telly;
Air Canada?;
A peat bog;
Second thoughts;
A bit of ick;
Being 2 back from the light (Oh, how hellish when the car in front stops on yellow!! We agree!);
Mass transportation;
Parked heavy equipment.

Given the high number of new shamees this week we are including the following template of our typical mail to assist with your response.

Dear (expletive deleted)

I am _(Your name)_ and I participated in _(Photo Meme)_ on __(Date)__and you 2 (expletives deleted) decided to (expletive deleted) list my (expletive deleted) submission to that (expletive deleted) photo meme. Who the (expletive deleted) appointed you (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) to be the (expletive deleted) arbiter of what the (expletive deleted) is a (expletive deleted) (expletive deleted) valid submission to a (expletive deleted) photo (expletive deleted) contest? Who the (expletive deleted) do you (expletive deleted) think you (expletive deleted) are?


__(Your name here)__

Then what happens is that we try to talk you down off the ledge and offer you a place on our little list of photographer that we like because we DO like you. After all we are...

Your noisy upstairs neighbours,

The Right Honourable Memes, Monitor and Shame Esq. (et al)

P.S. (If that fails, we simply blame 'al' of (et al) fame and agree with you completely.


Blogger Matthew Robertson said...

Congrats on finding one-quarter of all of the entries for "Hellish" to be off-topic. You even beat the judges at my camera club, which is a hard thing to do. I looked for photos on my blog of fire and brimstone, but couldn't find any. The closest I came was MM's own allusion of "a hellish war".

I do wish that I had come up with your quip for my entry, though -- "Air Canada" is a hoot. That's the title I should have given it. Do you mind if I steal it?

Cheers, and keep up the hard work. I do enjoy your blog.

1:30 AM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Mr Mathew Robertson,

We don't usually come back and report the inner working of the Photo Meme Hall of Shame but mememonitor and I were lounging around on the Bare Mattress of Love, heads in hand and looking at other's versions of Hell...

No...wait...we DO usually blab the inner workings...

Anyway, we weren't really keen on shaming ANY because as was noted Hell is as Hell does and who are we to determine what is Hell. Satre said "Hell is other people." and we pretty much leave him to be the most correct. So we weren't going to shame ANY, until we saw yours and one of us said 'Hell is Air Canada?" and had a little titter. And decided to do the rest. Then we realized it was a WARPLANE!!!! Why does Canada have War Planes??? Does the UN know about this? Who flies them?? We find this almost as shocking as the time we heard of the Pakistani Air Force!

Thank you for not using the template. See you over on the side? See how easy that was?

2:17 AM  
Blogger Matthew Robertson said...

Your original message had me laughing; your follow-up comment does not disappoint. I'm glad my original photo was so inspirational.

And, if you've ever flown it, Hell is Air Canada.

Ironically, when I saw the mighty CF-188 parked on the runway, my first thought was "Canada has warplanes? What the HELL?" Maybe that was the first step. All of my photos of this plane, except for one, feature either the flag or the word "Canada".

And this blog has created almost as many page-views as the original inclusion on Moody Monday. (Four so far, but one of them was me.) What was that line about bad publicity?

3:35 AM  

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