Friday, June 08, 2007

Full Moon Thursdays?

First we find that Dale Hudjik is not only voting for his own personal favorites at Thursday Challenge but he is ALSO letting you vote on whether or not *HE* should continue to vote.

We love Dale.

We think he's a bit Looney, but we love him.

Thursday Challenge is one of our favorite photomemes because it's so Democratic. There are no stars, there are no winners, there are no good or bad photographers. There are participants. And Participate they do at a tune of around 150 per week.

Dale accepts no advertising dollars, has no links to his own photoblog (Did you know he was a photographer?). He is the last of the Photographic Non-Whores. For now. We shall see where this little 'personal' favorites thing leads. We suspect to offers that will SHOCK, SHOCK WE SAY, Mr Dale Hudjik and make him wonder what sort of world of debauchery, money, sex, corruption, and unlimited power he has been dabbling in.

Which bring us to us and a letter we received tied to a rock and thrown through the window:

From Agent O:

Hi folks, You're my only port of call, so to speak ;) Are you able to tell me what's going on with the PhotoSharks site today (Thursday 7 June)? Each time I've hit the site, I'm asked for a user name and password. What gives? Please don't tell me that they've suddenly become a gated community - please say it ain't so ;) Ciao,

Dear Agent O,

Not only is PhotoSharks now a gated community, but we, your noisy upstairs neighbors, Memes Monitor and Shame, Esquire, (et al) are its gate keepers. For your user name and password please email us a check for 100 of your local currency units. Not the LITTLE units, but the ones we can actually BUY something with. Then 100 of them.

Now that we think of it, email us the check and rather than send you a user name and password which could be tortured out of you by other far less generous or gullible Photo Sharks we will simply 'make it work' for you. BUT NOT UNTIL WE ARE EMAILED A CHECK! For faster service, please feel free to email us cash.

Peace and love to all of you from all of us here at YOUR port of call: The Photo Meme Hall of Shame

(Now open 24 hours)

THIS JUST IN! Photo Sharks is running again. Don't forget to email us your payments. You are welcome!


Anonymous ATOMISCHE said...

Just noticed ... it's back!

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