Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Future of Photomeming

This is not a shaming, repeat, NOT A SHAMING. But we know some of you love virtually lifting the net curtains on the windows chez Meme and living our lovely lives vicariously (I don’t know if I’ve ever used so many v’s in one sentence. Oh. There’re another two right there) through the intimate glimpses we provide here on Hall (Hey! There were REQUESTS. Seriously.) So, here, reproduced faithfully, is our over-breakfast conversation from Friday. You know you want to be us.

MS: Where are all the anchovies?
MM: You finished them off last night with the rice-pudding that Bob-Cat refused to eat.
MS: I thought they were skinny dates. So what’s Photo Friday?
MM: ‘futuristic’
MS: ¡Ay, caramba! Lessee! What we got? The one eyed man: In the future jacks will be really, really big. Leggnet: In the future all carousels will be really, really fast
MM: jkirlin: In the future there will be tall buildings made of concrete. Neverhappen: In the future there will be a curious yet pleasing mix of architectural styles
MS: HKDigit: In the future, hedgehogs will be bioluminescent. Detour: In the future, asking your Magic Eight Ball will become a lot more complicated
MM: Steve Barru: Rubber band balls will be the shopping malls of the future. Levitation: In the future, the ban on smoking in public places will be lifted
MS: torekimi: In the future, robots will be frustrated by the lack of nose to pick with their one finger
MM: OK, this is just getting stupid now.
MS: Feed me.

You aren’t ready to witness the rest of our morning.
So, in the interests of audience participation, we ask you to go visit Photo Friday, have a look around, come back here and comment with your interpretation of this week’s entries.


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