Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Rich Legg Photo Meme Hall of Shame Gallery

Interviewed photographers are asked to present a few photos (captures) and here are Mr Rich Legg's submissions:

With all the photos that I have taken that I consider interesting, this is, frustratingly, my most visited page on my blog. I guess there are a lot of people who actually care "Who Travis Barker is".

This is my most popular photo on Flickr with over 4,000 views. This is one of my favorites since it was taken with my daughter as we were killing time on a Saturday afternoon.

Of course, we've got to include Jenna's "Look". One thing about this shot that adds greatly to it (in my mind) is that this look is so opposite to how sweet and wonderful this young lady is.

And since we are in the "spooky" time of year, here's one I did just this week of my daughter. As JKirlin commented, this is a bit different than my normal style. Posted by Picasa


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Lawdy, that last one scared me.

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