Monday, August 28, 2006

Moody Monday

In appreciation for the early support of Moody Monday for our little endeavor, we begged agreed to be jurors. Greg's little practical joke was using an exceedlingly difficult theme of 'Proud' leaving us to conclude that next time we will only judge if he gives us a very nice specific theme like 'Clowns making balloon animals' or something we can get our pounding aching heads wrapped around.

Enclosed please find the missive we sent Greg explaining as much as we could, why we chose what we did.

Dear Greg,

Upon further review and the aspirin working we decided that nothing is wrong with (your submission for circle) now. Meme Monitor thought it was pasta drying but I thought it was a collection of belts and neckties of yours tossed about by Renee in a fit of tossing about a collection of belts and neckties. Now we clearly see that we have NO IDEA what it is and that's good enough for us.

We have also reviewed the first 75 entries to this weeks Proud theme.

We immediately ruled out images of flags posted by wankers who can't even read your suggestions.

And that left us with a 1, 2, and tied for 3rd place finish.

1st was number 56 because we also feel that Marriage is so Gay. We are not political because that requires paying attention to world events that that in turn requires paying the cable television bill and cuts into our online porn time but feel that everyone should be entitled to the misery which marriage can bring. Why should only heterosexual be so inflicted while the gay community has it so good? Let them marry and be damned like the rest of us. Also, it made is smile and we rarely do that.

2nd was number 11 because we like skin even if it is pregnant skin. And she does seem so damned proud and he of her. So that was our nod to traditional marriage after totally wankering it up with the gay marriage thing. And also, we enjoy Snowscan immensely.

and then tied for 3rd was number 73, the peacock and 67 the power lifter.

Thanks and let us know if we can be of your service again. Meme Monitor mentioned as we were doing this that it was fun and she wanted to do it again. She is so enthusiastic about things. You know how it is.

Our collective love to you and Renee,

Memes Monitor and Shame

If you would like us to be a juror for your photomeme, give you suggestions on how to CORRECTLY raise your children, assess the value of your blog and photographic skills, or take care of a jealous/cheating spouse please do not hesitate to write us at


Your noisy upstairs neighbors,

Memes Monitor and Shame, Esq.


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