Thursday, October 12, 2006

Talking One Straight in the Piehole From Mr. Snappiepants

And we are glad that's the hole he decided to give it to us in!

Below is an opened letter wrapped around a stone and tossed through our window from a one mr.snappiepants who regular readers of this blog will recognize from earlier post and our answers to him.

Why would I want you thinking I was sane? I'm delighted (truly) that my technique worked.

Worked? It scared the bejesus out of us! I say us, but mememonitor just laughed it off. She wasn't dealing with you as directly as I was and she enjoyed seeing me trying to type whilst hiding under my desk.

I have no need for traffic from your site. I get plenty for the simple fact that I take good photographs. Thank you for your consideration though.

Good, because we have none to share really. Your twice daily visits to this site have more than doubled our regular daily traffic. And you do take very nice photos and I'm sure they generate plenty of traffic. In fact, you know, if perhaps you wouldn't mind linking us. (nudge nudge)

No, you are right. Not a good idea.

In your various ramblings about my "Four" entry (I've noticed several on this site), you fail to mention that I've actually been a noteworthy in three other categories. I think all in all I've submitted to maybe 10? I know it's not that many... and I've only been part of this 'photoblog' nonsense since January. My ADD tends to lead me many places on the internet and photofriday is sometimes on that list. It also appears your site is on that list.

Not only did we not know you had some many noteworthys which now makes us green with envy, we actually hadn't even heard of you until you were nominated by a person we are TAKING TO THE WOODHSHED IMMEDIATELY FOR NOT INFORMING US THEY WERE REFERRING A POWDER KEG! (NO MORE REFERRING POWDER KEGS WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN CONSENT, PEOPLE!) But, I digress.

Regardless, a batting average of .300 isn't that bad, especially considering I'm not juicing. I certainly don't see how that's "photo spam" worthy.

Isn't bad? That's GREAT! My own batting percentage with the lovely mememonitor is a measely .176! We aren't convinced about the lack of juicing however, and fully expect your name to appear in an upcoming Photoblogs Balco Commission.

I guess in some respects I can appreciate what you're trying to do. I just think you should have done some more homework before spotlighting my site.

We do no homework. And never have. We don't know anyone and shoot completely from the hip. Which is why we collapse like a cheap suitcase when confronted with the most tepid of defenses.

My guess is that you're simply having trouble drumming up entries to spotlight so you take anything you can get without showing much prejudice. Assuming that perspective, I can only say that I'm glad I could help. I'm sure my antics haven't hurt business much.

We are glad you see our predicament. We needed to fill out a top ten list and began to chose randomly from our emails. Notice that you were 10th and not even 1st!!! (pleading for our collective lives) (although items are listed in no order so maybe you WERE first, that's mememonitor's department and when she gets home I'll find out after giving her a good switching! Which, just this moment makes me think that maybe that was what prompted this, she does so enjoy a good swiching. That's why my percentage is .176 and not .017)

Our collective antics have certainly helped traffic, although half has been from you and the other half from me. But it still makes a nice spike in the old Sitemeter.

My dinner just finished cooking but I just had an interesting thought. One of your arguments is that your site helps generate traffic to the sites you list. You also claim that one of your goals is to eliminate the 'photo spam' on these memes. Are those not conflicting arguments? You seem to be rewarding the offenders. Am I missing something?

What was your dinner? Have us over when we are in country. You are right as to the contradictory nature of giving more traffic to photographers who we think are photo spamming the memes. However, it presupposes we have traffic to offer which we, in truth, do not. Check your own stats, you'll see! No big spike! So you miss nothing.

Hugs and kisses,


Snappie "Straight in your piehole!" Pants

So much nicer than the Ultimate Warrior Pants.

So there you have it. We Memes are posting our chastisement in the light of day for all to see. We consider mr. snappiepants to be a friend of the Photo Meme Hall of Shame and a Photographer and/or Photoblog that we like (although we dare not list him on our sidebar until he tells us it's ok.) (no link back needed, of course)


Anonymous Snappie said...

Thank you. I no longer have an issue with you linking to my site.

I'm on a much needed vacation in the Colorado Rockies so I've reverted back to a pretty laid back, easy going Snappie Pants.

I had hot pockets for dinner. They were good - hadn't eaten all day. I was in a rush to get to the airport - my flight was cancelled though. So I bought some hot pockets at the gas station and made them for dinner.

Anyway - I think that's all I have to say for now.


4:54 PM  

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