Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tied To a Rock and Thrown Through The Window, Part Second

We had barely finished unpacking our steamer trunks of dirty laundry and canned foodstuffs when we were nearly struck by the following missive/missile from Dave at Gardenlevel

Subject: Why Me?

Hey, I wanted to give a response (defense) since you found it fit to post a link to my entry for "private" on photofriday. http://www.gardenlevel.com/index.php?showimage=12 First, I tend to agree with you that there are far too many unrelated entries, I'm just not sure why you think mine is one of them. Photofriday is the only meme I enter, and every week there are dozens of photos of cats, no matter what the subject. There are always individuals who have to add long explanations on how their photo fits the subject, and usually a bunch of photos that I can't relate to the subject no matter how hard I think about them. How did you come to ignore those photos and focus on mine? Is it a huge stretch to see that this man wants to keep his identity private? I realize that the concept is a little confusing since he's clearly in a very public place, and yet, he's maintained a level of privacy. Here's a few of the definition of private from Dictionary.com:
pri‧vate  /ˈpraɪvɪt/
Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[prahy-vit]
removed from or out of public view or knowledge; secret: private papers.
preferring privacy; retiring: a very private person.
in private, not publicly; secretly: The hearing will be conducted in private. I'm just saying, I think mine worked. Not the best photo (by far not the worst), but I think it fits the concept. A handful of visitors have come to my site through yours, so I appreciate that. I just couldn't let this injustice stand.


First allow me say: WELL DONE, DAVID!! I, memeshame, was hooting and hollering for you like you were a Notre Dame Footballer dodging and weaving around the Forces of Injustice on your way to that Goal Thing at the end for some points or whatever when mememonitor whacked me with the end of a rolled up Times and reminded me that the Forces of Injustice that we had just met was Us, your noisy upstairs neighbors.

But I still appreciate a vigorous self defense. Allow me to address your point by point...let me find my bifocals...

GOOD GOD MAN! Hmmmm Mmmm....Yes......Ok....Hmmmmm.....


First, Not only are there too many unrelated entries on PhotoFriday, there are too many entries altogether, unrelated, related, fictive kin and even just friends. If not for the fact that WE have nothing to do all weekend, we'd never get through the list of Six to Nine Hundred entries it receives. AND it's a vote based meme? Who in their right minds has looked at every entry and still had a finger left to click their mouse to vote? Surely not us.

Which brings us to the title of your missive/missile. "Why me?" As a German concentration camp guard said to Victor Frankl, founder of Logotherapy, after a particularly nasty beating, "Why NOT you?" No forces aligned against you but we simply clicked several dozen PhotoFriday entries and yours apparently confused us enough so that we added you to our list for further review.

Here is what has forever earned you a place in our (my) collective (uncollective? single?) heart(s) Young David (or Old, whichever the case may be) WE HATE CAT PHOTOS!

We have begun a letter writing campaign to the various digital camera producers to please-please-please-please-we-beg-of-them-in-the-name-of-all-that-is-HOLY-please invent a CCD which burns out upon taking a photo of a damned cat. I mentioned this just today to mememonitor and said we should address this very issue and she recoiled in fear (much like on our wedding night) and said "we simply CAN'T "(Again much like...) because of the BACKLASH from these cat loving LUNATICS!!! Now we don't mind a nice cat (photo or real) now and then and have even been known to SOMETIMES not swerve at them in the road but....people...please...some self restraint.

Speaking of, back to your letter.

Huge stretch, private, public....ummmhmmm....ok....DONE!

Ok, David of Gardenlevel. I am so exhausted from my rant on our common hatred of cats that you may consider your photo adequately defended and we just a little bit more educated.

Please consider doing other photomemes besides PhotoFriday. We DID enjoy your photo although not as much as your reaction to finding it here on our Post Office Wall. We also deem you a Photographer/Photoblog that we like and as certain as we are that you are now saying to yourself, "Piss off, wankers, I don't want you looking at my bloody site, again" we are listing it anyway.


Your noisy upstairs neighbors as mentioned above,

Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq.


Blogger Mandy said...

David has beaten me to it. I thought his image was a good interpretation of the theme. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to have an opinion, considering how often my photos seem to keep appearing here :-) but there you go, my 2c.

2:56 PM  
Blogger memeshame said...

dear mandy: But of course! Not only do we here at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame encourage the vigorous defense of one's photos, but how much better the vigorous defense of another's? And you, sweet mandy, should know this better than most as you have been hair-trigger defended by the lovely kerrin so often and so many times that we were beginning to suspect that she's yer Mum! Mandy, please feel of the Photo Meme Hall of Shame as your second home. You are among friends and family here, just do not put your shoes on the furniture. It's all we ask.

8:46 PM  
Blogger jkirlin said...

I'd like to defend my entry, also. The Great Circle Route is a Circle and therefore an appropriate image. I'll take my licks for multi photo posting but I think this stands on it's own merits.

12:26 PM  
Blogger neene said...

oh no!
here i am all flattered and happy to be noticed
and now, to think i may have jeopardized my cred by posting a dreaded cat pic
(i so rarely do, but, you know, they can be so dang cute, and with a theme like "love"...
you got'ta expect some supreme sappiness)

guess i'll be rethinking my post for tuesday's "animal"

1:53 PM  
Blogger memeshame said...

jkirlin: Duly noted. You can have your blasted Great Circle Route. Happy? Now put down that rock.

neene: We tolerate cats for the following themes 'animal', 'things we talk to because we are alone, so alone', 'objects that can lick themselves', 'sneeze', 'itch', 'boredom', 'shut-in', 'child substitute' and 'stately'

We frown on cats for the following themes: 'fuschia', '(grand)children', 'edible', 'metallic', 'weather', 'politics','(aero)nautical', 'finance (money)', and 'pussy'.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Mememonitor said...

*sigh* I can only apologise for Memeshame's excitedness over the last while. I'll have to check the date on that can of bromide; it's obviously not doing the job it used to.

Also, I have to override him *Down, boy, get down!* on his last comment. We do NOT, I repeat, do NOT frown upon the posting of cats in an 'edible' theme. In fact we actively encourage it, particularly if the photo in question is evidence of a cat's general edibility. Memeshame stands corrected. He only said it in the first place as his little rebellion against what he thinks is becoming a rather monotonous Sunday lunch menu. I'm sorry that you viewers have to be dragged into our little domestics like this. On the other hand, while you're all here, if anyone has any interesting cat recipes they can share, both I and Memeshame would be grateful (the kids are vegetarian so I usually substitute the cat with dolphin).

9:57 AM  

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