Thursday, February 08, 2007

Mr Frozen Moments Responds

This early AM we lifted our wee heads from the bare mattress of love and found that our pillows followed them. "Curious," we thought, as it normally stays put. While trying to swing it off we found our upstairs loft to be much colder than normal and it had FROZEN to our drooly and icicled faces!

During the night we had received a another note tied to a rock and tossed though our one good window, allowing in all the cold!

It read as follows:

i'm the 'mr. frozen moments' and i read your entries.
i've read many sad things about me and my blog. are there problems with myimages, why aren't you mailing me? it's really unhappy to read somethinglike this at your blog!
i can't explaine the 136 votes for me, but are you really form an opion thati'm voting for me 136 per week?? that means 19 votes per day??

i guarantee that i didn't vote for me and i didn't use a vote-robot orsomething like this!
so please adjust the entries about me!
thomas mueller

Allow me, as we press warm compresses to our frostbitten faces to dictate answers to the following inquiries from Herr Mueller.

There are no problem with your images and we aren't emailing you because we are horrific chickens. We couldn't explain the 136 votes either, so we eliminated them. Sometimes photographers can find that their photographic friends can vote for them repeatedly, lifting them into the ranks of winner in contest after contest and clearly, this little vote at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame has proven to be another example of where perhaps you received more votes than you really should have. The difference is that we closely monitored and scaled the scores to correct for the issue.

Consider the entries about you to be adjusted by your defense here. We also hope that you and other who find themselves at the end of some practical jokers vote pumping will bring it to light as you have.


Your noisy upstairs neighbors,

The Right Honourable Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq (et, al)


Blogger Iron Flatline said...

Wait, voting for myself is an option?

Ah.... success will soon be mine! I will be driven around the streets of Los Angeles, with maidens holding wreaths of laurels above my head, while "the people" bask in my photoblogness!

"There he goes" mothers will whisper to their children, "... he won Photo Friday, and had a good showing at Thursday Challenge."

12:32 AM  
Anonymous mememonitor said...

And that, Mr Iron Flatline is why we love you so much. You make us swoon.

12:44 AM  
Blogger kmm said...

When I stop giggling, I'll stop wasting my vote on myself (well at least that ensured I got 1) and give my vote to Mr Iron Flatline. Then book my ticket to LA for the laurel presentation. I'de swoon at his feet just because he made me laugh.

12:59 PM  

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