Friday, December 29, 2006

Holidaze Update

Staying current on your entries has been difficult as we Memes took Bindi and Bobcat to the Holy Land for Christmas. We felt they ought to see all that Bethlehem can offer behind it's massive steel gate. "Come see the skeleton of the Baby Jesus. Only 5 dollars!" A quality experience to be sure. Lifelong secular humanist they now are.

Then we had to dash to 125th Street in NYC to pay our respects to Godfather Brown and now we must make our way to DC to view Jerry Ford. We never knew him, but had known the welcoming refuge of Betty Ford and her 'camps' where we have hidden out on occasion until the heat died down. And next we have to scoot to Baghdad for ummm...we just do.

But this, as it is said, neither here nor there, we only want to say before we dash off again...


Or mailbox was filled with messages from our cabal of Shamers who monitor such things in our extended absences.

We have some comments about your multiple wins.

Do you honestly believe your images are so much better than you fellow photomeme participants? Or do you think WE think so? This voting situation has got to have attention paid to it. But are you to blame, Sir? We think not. Surely simply because you, your Mom, the office girl and your postman all vote for you, you are propelled to victory. So who do we blame?

Your fellow photo meme participants who do not vote and allow this to go unchallenged.

The photo meme moderators who set up the sites and contests and do not moderate while their contests become less and less meaningful. (As opposed to those ruthless bastards at Macroday)

And ourselves, for not providing adequate guidance and education. But this will be remedied. Stay tuned.


Anonymous Chris said...

Happy New Year all!

10:27 PM  
Blogger merlinprincesse said...

There is a place where you can't cheat. It JorgDotOrg contest. Here's the address, my dear:
The judges are the previous winners... :)

5:30 AM  

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