Monday, December 11, 2006

Long time, no Shamings

It’s been a relatively quiet month here at Shame Headquarters, what with photo memes dropping like flies and you lot actually starting to think before you hit that ‘submit’ button. We’ve been grateful for the break, given the time we’ve had to invest in all that weightlessness training. In the end, we had to send Bob-Cat up in the shuttle alone in his little monkey suit since neither Shame nor myself do nights.

Nevertheless, although the latest themes have generally been the catch-all-can’t-go-wrong type (‘action’, ‘orange’, ‘trees’ blah blah blah; post something stupid for one of these and we KNOW you’re just taunting us), our little team of Shamers have been earning their keep and brought the following to our attention:

We are neither convinced of the relevance nor the political correctness of posting a photo of poor street vendors in India to the Photo Friday theme ‘gross’.
Le Penven: (Photo Friday- ‘gross’)
There’s little memeshame likes better than to grab his pole in the bath and start singing ‘O Sole Mio’, huge fan that he is of Venezia, so he bristled a bit at Le Penven’s entry of a beloved canal to the ‘gross’ theme. To each his own, we suppose.
We have to admit to being relieved as we looked through the entries to not find any photos of Shame in the bath. We heard they had been ‘leaked’ to certain disreputable websites. Shame says he knows nothing about it. I only found out when I opened the rejection letters.
Moving on…
It seems the Tuesday Challenge ‘ginger’ had a few of you flummoxed. We’ll let those of you who posted sunsets and other blatently ‘orange’, non-ginger-specific photos away with a ‘tut-tut’ and a wag of the finger. ( , however, deserves a special mention for his post of a black & white portrait (we expect to see this again for the themes ‘blonde’, ‘blue-eyed’ and ‘red t-shirt’ ). For posting with utter abandon a pic of a hotel roof for the same theme of ‘ginger’, we have to applaud the sheer nerve of Shutterbox ( You’re a braver man than us.
Lastly, a special mention has to go to Edina Lorincz ( who posted the same photo of two jolly-looking innocents, happily reading newspapers and minding their own business, for both Moody Monday ‘camouflage’ and Photo Friday ‘gross’. Edina, sweetie, our banana was a teaser, not an example to be followed. ‘Two wrongs do not make a right’, etc.

My dears, consider yourselves hereby shamed.


Anonymous said...

Of course I left out that her name is Ginger...should have picked that one a bti better eh? ;)

11:42 AM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Mr. is12net, That was our suspicion. Although we thought her a bit of a mix between MaryAnn and Ginger. Sort of the best of both worlds.

11:47 AM  

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