Saturday, December 09, 2006

And What To Our Wondering Eyes Should Appear...

Attached to this day's rock tossed through the window was a small whitish clump of what we knew not and a phone number. We ran poste haste down to the local 7-11 for a Big Gulp and to dial the number on the payphone and found the number was to a one Mr Google Inc. Google told us that the clump, as held in our frozen little mitts, was a section of melted fiber optic cable from so much traffic looking for the latest updates.

Listen, here is the deal you stupid gits who are being so daft, we are creating a Photo Meme Hall of Shame mailing list just to let you know when smoething occurs here so you can stay the hell out from looking for anything new unless you are here looking for something old. Like our increasing list of interviews of the best photo monkeys and junkies we know.

We have so much to tell you and we'd like to call all of you under seperate cover but there is a man standing next to the hot dog cooker and burritos staring at us for being on the phone too long already and mememonitor is itching for a fight so we soon must flee, room temperature eggrolls in hand.

Upcoming 2007 projects include:

Our new Photo Meme Certification/Decertification!

More Shaming!

More suggestions by you scamps who have already written in. You know who you are. As do we.

More identification of cheating wankers!

More pleas to link us and for you to tell yer friends and yer mums.

More Meme Participation Reviews.

More discussions of winners you think unworthy!


So listen, here is what you do....either leave in the comments that you want to be added to the Photo Meme Hall of Shame mailing list if you are brave and we will add you and send links out when we create a new post OR email us a if you are normal.

For faster service, please write M@le En4@nc3m3nt Pr0duc!s in the subject line so we will know it's you.


Anonymous Atomische said...

Me! Me! What about ME and MY needs?

5:11 PM  

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