Thursday, November 23, 2006

Macroday is Back(roday!)

We, the Memes, were again out for a Sunday drive with Bindi and Bobcat rolling around in the rumble seat when suddenly in unison we screamed to the chaffeaur "STOP ARVIN! MACRODAY IS is not DARK AND BOARDED UP!"

We circled around and sure enough, it was not dark and boarded up, just like we said.

It turns out after an email exchange, much to our chagrin, that delightfully irritable Mr Carlo Ferroni is indeed staying put in the neighborhood. He secured some financing after the 5th race at the track to pay off some other gambling debts, bought back his wife and children and dog and auto and home and decided to once again, torment us on Sundays.

So we had to put away our MacroSunday signs and leased back the domain to a male enhancement drug supply firm operating out of a one TeehwannaMayheeko (is that Welsh?) as the chap said on the mobile. You we are stupid gits for being so daft!

All offers for the Photo Meme Hall of Shame are now off the table also as Mr Ferroni's pulling himself out of the market sent our appraiser running for the back lot and now we have nothing to measure the value against. "Oh Bother", said Pooh. Were we 3.5 Macrodays? .025?

One thing for certain we were certainly worth more than a half drank case of Foster's so you can forget THAT, ThomP! You are a stupid git for being so daft!

Off Topic: Note to the person who has tripled our traffic by constantly landing on our site by googling "Kerrin Terrier": We are certain we are the number one site for that because it's "CAIRN TERRIER"!

Are you also getting these, Kerrin? Do they make you sad?



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