Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Whither Macroday?

We the Memes were out for a Sunday drive with Bindi and Bobcat rolling around in the rumble seat when suddenly in unison we screamed to the chaffeaur "STOP ARVIN! MACRODAY IS DARK AND BOARDED UP!" We circled around and sure enough, it was dark and boarded up, just like we said.

We later found out that IT IS FOR SALE!!!!

Carlo Ferroni is off to bigger and better things not involving YOU on a Sunday.

And he wants to take some cash with him.

We here at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame (Which is showing phenomenal growth and further potential) can't say that we blame him. In fact, the Photo Meme Hall of Shame (Which doesn't take a lot of time and brings TONS of satisfaction for you and your loved ones. And it's located near great schools) lends our full support to Mr Ferroni at this time and we STRONGLY IN THE STRONGEST TERMS POSSIBLE HEREBY SAY UNTO THEE that you better not be planning some Sunday Photo Meme called, like, Macro Sunday or something BECAUSE WE WILL SEE THROUGH YOU and SHAME YOU at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame (Which, did we mention, is showing phenomenal growth and it currently severely undervalued and preparing an IPO as soon as we file papers with the investment overseering organizations in various countries with the most stable currencies?)


Anonymous ATOMISCHE said...

Und ... whither PXITE?

4:36 PM  
Blogger kmm said...

The boards have come down and Macro day is still up and running. Well at least for now! This is the only site macro specific so it would be a pity to lose it. (and it just happens to be my favourite)
Cheers Kerrin

8:42 AM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Atomische, Nariman took the loot and ran. We last saw him in Cuba.

Dear good child kerrin, DAMN IT ALL TO HELL AND BRIMSTONE UPON THEE! We were just about to head over and pry off the backboards and live there for the winter. CURSES! CURSES! Now we must stay in the Photo Meme Hall of Shame Seventh Floor Walk Up Of Love which has a delightful view of the refinery but gets draughty what with the broken windows. We are certain that Mr Ferroni is simply keeping the lights on and the heat up over at Macroday until he finds a buyer. No one wants to buy a place with US squatting in it. Not even our Mums.

8:51 AM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Anonymous,

We have checked and you are indeed correct. We have called him on it here in our forum and told him to stop it and that he is a Bad Monkey, BAD! He has also done it in much smaller memes when you can CLEARLY SEE his multiple entries RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER! He makes us bonkers! We don't know what to DO with him although mememonitor wants to spank him but this, I think, is unrelated to his bad behaviour on the Photo Memes.

12:59 PM  
Blogger Carlo Ferroni said...

I'd like to clarify, for what it's worth.

I do not the time, energy and inclination to be the "censor" of Macroday anymore.

If anyone should understand, that would be you.

People do submit all sorts of stuff to Macroday, macro or not. As you (should?) well know, relevance is not a concern for many, but in the case of Macroday this is accentuated to the Nth degree: shots that not only are irrelevant to the theme but that are not a macro shot at all.

"Just get featured" seems to be the motto.

I tried several things, including running a forum for a while on the site to define what is and what isn't a macro shot (and that, BTW, is a tremendously blurred line).

I am sure things could be improved on the site, like: make it a membership based meme like the great WeeklyShot. But, alas, I don't have the time to code all of that.

So, after two years of running it, I decided it was time for me to move on from Macroday. I considered (and did for a few days) just 'boarding it up' but that didn't feel right. So I would like to find someone with the energy, time and inclination to take it forward .

Like i Said to the few that inquired, I am totally open to offers. The reason I would like to see some financial commitment, of any description, really, is that I want to avoid the 'puppy for xMas' syndrome.

In other words, I don't want someone to go into this too lightly and then let it go to s**t.

Some form of financial commitment, however small, tends to make the "ah, cool idea, I could do that..." folk think twice, and that is what I want.

Hope this clarifies.

BTW: not sure what the reference to two consecutive posts was all about, if it refers to two posts of mine to WeeklyShot then I am confused as to where the criticism lies?

Finally, my email address is on Macroday, I was, and am, easily contactable if you require or desire any information. On the other hand there is nothing stopping you from making it up.

12:05 PM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Mr Ferroni,

We'll answer you comment in the open forum to which it was posted and email it to you also.

You, Sir, have always represented what we feel Photo Meme Moderators should be, which is a steward of that which they have created. We recall when there were voting irregularites and you did not stand for it. We have also, with you, slapped out foreheads at verious irregular entries and screamed in unison "THAT IS NOT A MACRO!" (We particularly enjoyed this because no artists are we so other themes can be difficult, but even WE can identify a macro shot.

And as they used to say in the old country: "That Macroday, she do deliver some traffic." One need not slit throats on the way to the keyboard on Saturday Nights to be noticed. The person who submits to Macroday on Friday may still enjoy more visitors than the 11th person to post on PhotoFriday minutes after the theme changes.

We have found that it is your careful stewardship which has kept MacroDay out of the Photo Meme Hall of Shame for the most part. We've found the participants to be on task for the most part and the voting seems to reflect the higher quality works.

We hope to see Macroday continue to be run as a quality endeavor and understand completely your desire to see it go into good hands. We still have not recovered from the passing of Photo Tuesdays and the various Tuesday Memes that followed. (Whither...Tuesdays?) But then, we posted about that.

In regards to the earlier post, they weren't directed to any particular WeeklyShots post and we were unaware that you posted there or were even a photographer. We thought you were simply a lover and supporter of the art, rather than a participant, much like ourselves. So no criticism, directed at you Sir. Although if we catch you posting off handedly on another meme we shall dance with joy and call you on it immediately, but all in good fun. (Do other Photo Meme Moderators take photos and post them to photoblogs and enter them into Photo Memes??? This has us practically drooling!)

We'll close and send this to you via email also so that you don't have to come back and see if we have answered you.


Your noisy upstairs neighbours,

The Right Honourable Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq (et al)

P.S. OOOOOOOH! Now we see what you are referring to. Do you mean those post in the comments??? The first one to kerrin is of course a joke, we couldn't get into Macroday to live to save our souls. I could pry off the boards over the windwos but I'd never make it through the window, even with mememonitor giving me a boost.

P.S. (The same P.S., not a P.P.S.) The second comment is addressing a now deleted comment from Anonymous taking bad child ThomP of *f*u*z*z*y*p*o*i*n*t*s*o*f*l*i*g*h*t* and his annoying habit of triple posting to various memes. My comment makes no sense with it missing. Bad, ANONYMOUS, BAD!

12:48 PM  

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