Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Call To Arms

Thank you, readers, for finally knocking off the stones-through-our-windows thing for, while I'm all for ventilation and less window-cleaning, I do worry about the titanium plates in Memeshame's head getting dented. Your latest missive arrived this afternoon by carrier-pigeon. I do hope you weren't expecting this rat-of-the-air back in its coop anytime soon 'cause the kids are still going through their genetic engineering phase and are currently in the kitchen testing its DNA.

The note, tied to one of said pigeon's now three legs, had been engraved in biro into the paper by the hand of a very indignant, very embittered sore-loser, and drew our attention to the success story of three See It Sunday participants who between them have won every week but 2 for the last 3 months. 'Hmmm', Memeshame said, as I had him give me a foot-massage, 'some people have all the luck'. 'But no', I exclaimed, jumping up and knocking both Memeshame and the Bodyshop Peppermint Foot Lotion flying, 'we must investigate'. And thus are our findings:

Theme 'leaves' won by Frozen Moments
Theme 'bathroom' won by The Thing of the Moment
Theme 'blue' won by Frozen Moments
Theme 'sepia' won by It Looks Like Rain
Theme 'crazy' won by Frozen Moments
Theme 'Autumn' won by It Looks Like Rain
Theme 'angle' won by It Looks Like Rain

Theme 'mirror' won by Unart
Theme 'speed' won by Unart
Theme 'toys' won by Frozen Moments
Theme 'power' won by Unart

Theme 'playful' won by Andrew Morrell
Theme 'art' won (ironically) by Unart
Theme 'water' won by Frozen Moments
Theme 'macro' won by Blue Sandman
Theme 'wood' won by Frozen Moments

And deservedly so. In fact, while we were investigating, we came across some entries so dubious, it would have had us multiple-vote-clicking on Messieurs I.L.L.Rain, F.Moments and U. too. And it's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part, right? And we can see your little faces glowing with the thrill of having taken part so that's OK. Huh? What? No? Well, get off your arses and go vote then. Just to show you how it works, we at Chez Meme will choose our (unofficial and unsponsored by anything) See It Sunday second-place winner every week until you get the hang of it. The winner will be notified and glorified on this here page. And who could ask for more?

After compiling the votes for SeeitSunday (Or as Memeshame calls it SuckItSunday, he dislikes the speed of the link transfer and gets quite irritable.) from we memes and a handful of Shamers we have concluded that the Unofficial, Unsponsored Second Place winner of sepia is 'ottok'

Congratulations go out to him from we here at the Photo Meme Hall of Shame

*update* Given that Blue was won by Frozen Moments for the posted image, we see that you still have not mastered voting. This weeks unsponsored, unofficial SECOND PLACE finish goes to: Eclectic Blue was a terribly difficult theme to moderate, but the chosen image was stunning and awe inspiring.

We now submit our Banana to See it Bathroom. We love eating bananas in the bathroom.

*update* We have a new winner for SeeitSunday: Bathroom. A shower ring submitted by prior Shamee jkirlin. Voting is either corrected or jkirlin's mother boosted the votes. It's certainly a fine looking multipupose showerhook. Just in case, our second place choice is the shower head by the lovely Frank of :photoschau. Congratulations go to both of them.

We now submit our Banana to See it Leaves because as that esteemed botanist mememonitor points out when I asked if bananas have leaves "Yeah, of course."

*update* Congratulations again go to Frozen Moments for his win of the category 'leaves'. Now, Voters, sit down for a second, as we talk to you like a good pastor. Leaves was a very difficult theme for you to vote on, we understand that, because they were ALL VERY GOOD. They were nearly ALL the same and quite excellent. That means you could have voted for ANYONE, but alas, the simple inertia of voting for the same participants week after week has tired your little mouse fingers. It's ok, do not weep. We are here to help.

The Photo Meme Hall of Shame Secojnd Place Award for See It Sunday in the Category of Leaves goes to Atomische for his posting of Leaves as present tense verb rather than a noun, and making us think 'Shoot, why didn't we do that.' Congratulations Atomische, you mould breaker!

We now submit our entry to See It Sunday. LOOK Fellow SeeItSunday Participants! That cloud looks like a banana!!!


Anonymous pau said...

Hi. I'm pau from it looks like rain. When I discovered SeeItSunday (at the time of the "speed" theme) I also found that there were 'dubious' entries (the "speed" winner, for example) (the guy at "un-art" even told me that it was "the audience" who chose his picture). I decided to participate and see if the voting system was reliable. It wasn't. You can win the theme you want (and it's easy, because I'm really far for being a hacker). I'm not proud of what I did, but it was only a kind of experiment, and last week I decided not to participate anymore in a meme like that. It doesn't have any sense.

I see a lot of things like this in the internet, and with the SeeItSunday case I just got angry. I only try to make beautiful pictures, but always see the same (bad) winners. Now I know that this doesn't give me the right to cheat, so I won't do it anymore (this was the first and last time). Thank you for talking about this in your blog. See you around.

7:19 AM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Pau,

We understand the frustrations of taking photos and posting them to contests and having someone post images and simply vote themsevles into victory. Whilst there is no shame in voting for oneself (It is how I frequently used to get one vote) or even incorporating friends and relatives to vote, it is best to keep these few and far between and only when rarely posting a significant image. When one might actually win anyway.

We have found that many of the vote based memes have this built-in flaw. Poor Carlo at Macroday fought like Don Quixote tilting at the Windmills to eliminate vote fraud. A user from Brazil named Pix66 nearly brought down by posting images that were not even his and voting them to victory using made up profiles. How anyone can vote at PhotoFriday with it's hundreds of entries is beyond us. And even the delightful juried systems of the Frank's former Tuesday Photos and our good friends Greg and Renee's Moody Monday has it's own complications when one must avoid choosing of course, one's own photos and then painfully, the photo submissions of friends lest shouts of fraud occur. Only Dale at Thursday Challenge has ths far remained above the fray and his participation continues to grow weekly.

There is no greater joy to a budding or even a jaded photo meme participant then finding oneself seemingly recognized by one's peers are presenting an image of noteworthiness.

The next best thing is having one's entire works lauded as being of high quality, as yours are, and having it noted elsewhere, like in our Column of Photographers and/or Photoblogs we like.

Thank you for writing us.


Your noisy upstairs neighbors,

Memes Monitor and Shame, Esq.

7:22 AM  
Blogger memeshame said...

P.S. Pau: We hope that your note will serve as notice to UnArt and Frozen Moment to cease any irregular voting they are also particpating in, if indeed they are.

Please continue to participate in the photo memes. It's is a grand way to both gain exposure and build community.

7:31 AM  
Blogger jkirlin said...

I fully accept my accolades. Thank you, thank you. At least it applied to the theme and was only one image! What more do you want? Heh heh.

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The theme leaves is won by frozen moments.


9:25 PM  
Blogger merlinprincesse said...

I really don't know what to think about all this.... :( But I love the cloud-banana-thing... Hheheh! :)

6:37 AM  
Blogger merlinprincesse said...

I really don't know what to thing about all that... :( But I really like the cloud-banana-thing... Hheheh! :)

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Steffen said...

Thanks for the investigation (and your blog). I have learned, that I never will have a chance to win a challenge. My blog is not part of a "net of friends" and I'm usually too tired to vote for myself.
So, maybe, I should begin to post a banana...

10:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The theme 'work' is won by frozen moments

9:33 PM  

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