Friday, January 04, 2008

We Don't Always Do What We Do Because You Do What We Do So Well.

We had barely unpacked our steamer trunks from our trip aboard the steamer Cassieopiea when we fired up the laptop of love to see what had been happening and to be honest it was quite a snoozer. We could find very little to shame!

The folks at Shutterday had dropped the ball again with such an awkwardly worded challenge involving other photographers that almost half their participants failed for a second time to post correctly. Note to Homer Laffoone: Do not use a paragrah when a word will suffice

We noticed that young Noah of Photo Sunday had achieved his (short) life goal of being first in Photo Friday. Not in the results, mind you, but having learned from all of us, first in posting

And then we noticed the wheels coming off at Weekly Shot. We've written about Weekly Shot before and LOVE IT. It's got some of photoblogdoms best photographers and that certainly police their own. As can be seen below. We strongly suggest following the link, but in case something like this isn't allowed to stay, we chose to cut and paste the comments for your enjoyment.

Featured in Four (Response #47)
Featured 1 Day Ago by pointnshoot - - 28 comments
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flipthom: I was wondering if someone would do this. Love the color. Might just be my monitor but it hurts my eyes to look at it. Not a bad thing at all. If I've misspelled anything in my comment, it's because I'm typing with my head turned sideways. :)

flipthom: Ah yes pointnshoot, congrats on your feature.

Nick : Neat! Four bolts.

Flatline Over-saturated, over-sharpened, and there's sensor dirt visible in various locations. This is not a great shot.

Beamer Nice idea, well captured. The red feels over processed. Don't see the need...?

Bogart Excellent. Eye-catching.

stolenlife I dont understand how/why this featured. But, the weeklyshot moves in mysterious ways.. Congratulations

Ana beyond it's bright colours and relevance, this shot doesn't hold a lot of interest for me.yes, it's featured, but seemingly this received a rush of ratings...while most other shots around it have 9 or 10.*shrug*

pete its all a mystery. i have to agree with Ana/Stolen/flat.... its very bright, and the sensor dust is annoying. if you found the time to do the saturation and sharpening, surely a little cloning as in order!!

Montage This is the only shot this week that I haven't commented on. Shame the comment has to be joining the chorus of wondering why/how this was featured so fast.

shipmate no mystery. know people who rate. They rate fairly.

pointnshoot oops I was logged in with my roomate's username.

pete your roommate who hasnt commented in 315 days?

pete or Bogart... who has only posted 1 image in a year, and has only ever commented on this one photo of yours? dude... grow up. why are you 'cheating' on a friendly photo site. what on earth are you trying to gain from this? your fame and fortune?

Flatline LOL!

flipthom Shipmate? Dude...c'mon. If you're going to cheat (and you shouldn't), at least come up with a better name. And if it really is your roommate, tell him that captains rank higher than shipmates.
In all seriousness though, your stuff is good. You have plenty of features. Why cheat?

Beamer So looks like we may now know some of the source of the many who speed rate and never comment. Must be a bitch to have to wade thru 13x4=52 ratings just so you can rate your own pic 4 times, huh "shipmate". Big OOPS!! Let's see how this works, you are a member and you can invite 3 others. So you end up with 4 accounts. 4 ratings of 25 points will sway a lot your way I would guess...?? But hey, innocent till...

pursang Sad and very unfortunate for this venue.

Beamer Very true Mark, very bad timing...

stolenlife Hey pointnshoot, are you going to come clean? I think we'd all respect you more if you did

TammyLynn His other photo he posted on this topic has a star as well. It's an interesting shot I'll agree, but it's not remarkable, it's just a snap. There are several remarkable shots in this subject and they don't have stars yet. Makes you wonder.

gorin-images THIS is exactly why I no longer waste my time on WeeklyShot anymore. It is really unfortunate that what was once one of the best concepts in photo memes has slowly sunk down to this level. Oh, and Happy New Year everyone ;)

phototext Well, my apologies if I am wrong but this looks like pointnshoot has been cheating.
How very pathetic and to make matters worse you where stupid enough to get caught using your "flatmates" login. This is a snapshot, nothing more, and a pretty poor one at that. You have dust on the sensor, the composition is poor and the over saturated colours do nothing to make it a quality image. Brings in to question all his/ her other featured images. If cheating is the only way you can get featured perhaps it's time you took up another hobby.

Ana @gorin-images. I understand where you are coming from, and I agree with you,but another reason it has sunk down, is because some really great photographers have given up on it.

TMaher This shot suxs ass.. Ooh wait - Am I another one his personalities? I haven't posted in a long time either.. haha Yeah, I remember it well. I posted one image for the 'Texture' shot and half the dopes said my image did not meet the topic.. I say dopes because they clearly don't understand what the word texture means.. As if, people think it only means coarse and not smooth.. fools.. FYI - I came to find out the guy who invited me here was doing the same thing this guy is. I only found out when I saw one his images posted by another user then the username who invited me posted to the image voting it up and praising it.. another loser.

pete while im not exactly sure what all of your post was about, it is a shame this has happened.
and while i wasnt around for the texture theme, the problem with photography is that appreciation and understanding is the job of the viewer, and if they dont understand what you are trying to show, well, then, you didnt show is clearly enough.

pointnshoot Honesty. I'm sorry you all think this way. This is my favortie site on the internet and I would not jeopordize my membership. What you r accusing me of is not true. I am sorry I made a mistake by writng my comment under my roomates log in. I just did not look, as I am mostly the person logged in However, the comments collectively looks like I am guilty. Too bad.I have one log-in. Other members have given me positive results and I thank you for you comments. I write the above with sincere honesty.

Oh it's going to be a grand 2008! Happy New Year, Daft Gits!

Love always,

Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbors.


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