Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lost in Translation?

This morning as we were louging around on the Bare Mattress of Love and enjoying our Sunday Frozen Waffles we got this missive tied to a rock and thrown through our windows.

Dear Memes,

Take a look at Macroday: Anything but a Bug and Shutterday: It's Not About You and see what you think. Is this mischief or malice? Or just a language issue for theme descriptions that are too wordy? - Agent I

Dear Agent I,

We may have thought so until we went to the Euroblogger Meetup but we found these backstabbing Eurobloggers have JUST PERFECTLY FINE ENGLISH WHEN they are assuring you that they WILL NOT NOTIFY HOTEL SECURITY THAT YOU HAVE A FULL GROWN NUBIAN GOAT IN YOUR ROOM! But then they go and do JUST THE opposite! Up is down! Nein is Oui! In is Out! No Goat is Goat!

So it is with great pleasure we accept your notification of SHAMING UNTO THEE

Let us begin with Macroday: Anything But a Bug. Just don't post a bug. How hard is that?

Just don't glance at the title, see the word Bug and think AHA! I HAVE A BUG! These are the type of people Nigerians pray to find! (Greetings and God Bless and please accept this offer of 10 BILLION DOLLARS)

Those who were a bit buggy at Macroday: Lightsights, Adrian Hancu, and Journal Extime.

We'll do Shutterday after the theme closes. it looks like it's going to be a long week over there.


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