Sunday, November 18, 2007

Macroday Smackroday!

We have been begging Carlo Ferroni, owner of Macroday, to moderate his photomeme a little less ruthlessly. "Why?" you ask. Because it leaves us nothing to SHAME.

For other shamings we have to rely on our interpretation of the thing we call art, which as many of you who have been shamed know, we know very little.

If a given theme is, say, opulent, you can post anything and we don't know. Even if it doesn't fit the theme, maybe it's satire. Or maybe you've been drinking.

But if a theme is "Blue" and you post "Red". WE KNOW! And so you your fellow participants who mock you behind your back. Not us! We do it off to the side from behind a curtain! We are no braver than they!

Which brings us to Macroday. Either something is a macro or it isn't. An angel dancing on the head of a pin? Macro. A sty on the eye of a fly? Macro. A mouse in a bowl of grain? Hmmmm....ok, maybe, maybe not. Some Abstraction? Who knows?


So we will use the criteria that Carlo referred us to at Wikipedia. Basically when a regular sized print is made the image is life size or larger than the subject.


In the category of NOT A MACRO
Claus Peterson (Unless he has teeny tiny hands)
*MERDI* (Unless that can go on a chain and into a pocket)

In the category of Maybe We Just Don't Get It?
Uh!Log (Are those those dandelion things?)

We Googled dandelion clock and sure enough the dandelion 'things' are dandelion clocks. Not only should Uh!Log's photo not be shamed, it should have WON! :)


Blogger Bill said...

Well, geez - that's a pretty lame definition of a macro. What does "regular sized print" mean? Maybe I regularly print that mouse photo on 24x36 inch paper! (For the record, the mouse was sitting in a coffee can of chicken feed).

I define a macro as a photo that has the lens less than a few inches from the subject (and my lens was almost in the can with that mouse).

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Uh!Log (KArin) said...

Thank you guys :-)

4:23 AM  

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