Friday, November 09, 2007

Obvious By Any Other Name Is Just as Obvious

Once when our friend Media Mogul Ted Turner was asked what name he thought should be given to his movie about dinosaurs he replied 'Dinosaurs'. An assistant suggested that maybe another name would be better since that was so plain and obvious. Ted said to the assistant "I once started a cable news network, wanna guess what I called it?"

Well today, tied to a rock and tossed through the window we got this note from Agent N

I don't know if you've ever pointed this out, it's not a specific entry, but there are way too many people who title their photomeme submissions the same word as the meme. For instance, on Photo Friday when the theme is "Silence" there are people who title their link"silence" or when the theme is "strength" they title their link"strength." Could they possibly get less creative?

Why yes, Agent N, they can. In fact, when we named our photo meme hall of shame? Can you guess what we named it?

But for those of you who name your babies, Baby and your dogs, Dog, we present our favorite example of a title working in tandem with an image to create the art we name: Art.


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