Friday, February 23, 2007

Mr Frozen Moments Speaks AGAIN

Once whilst we had a line of communication open with Mr Frozen Moment we put forth unto him a few questions before we were talked down by Mr IronFlatline who put everything in perspective for us.

Behold the following responses to our queries and better know what goes on inside the head of Mr Frozen Moments

What do you think of your many many photo contest wins?

"for me it doesn't matter, if i win one or tousand contests, because thereare no prices or something like this. and so it's only a funny amusement forme."

What would you say to those participants who think that you wins represents a flaw in the voting system rather than to your skills as a photographer?

"hmm i don't know what to say. on the one hand i know, that tastes aredifferent and one like these image and another dislike it. but on the otherhand sometimes there are what do you think?"

Do you encourage your viewers to vote for you and if so, do you think other photographers should consider doing this?

"i thing with links to the contests, you encourage your viewers to vote foryou and it's okay. everybody have the possibillity to encourage others.that's the real life, people affect others and the others affect othersagain.regards"

--Thomas Müller []
fotografisches Tagebuch:

Much to our chagrin he DOES take lovely photos. Go look!


Anonymous szczesny said...

Mr. Legg: Regarding the image comment on Flickr . . . Powerbreak. Many thanks... ;-)
Szczesny the Rebel Streetshooter, NYC

8:21 AM  

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