Saturday, May 19, 2007



I tried. I really tried.

But when the mighty Photo Friday unleashes a topic as loosely defined as last week's Amber, apparently anything goes.

Shameful submissions were found. Many. Oh so very many... but it's clear that any color between canary yellow and maroon constitutes Amber. Maybe it's a question of screen calibration, or maybe the public school system's art program has let us down once again.

But regardless, apparently any monochromatic image that isn't blue (I even found a lime green) will have to be acceptable. ...and let's not even talk about girls called Amber. At least they're all pretty, which helps when slogging one's way through 402 submissions.

Thus I declare failure, and retreat. I must rest. This the new topic is Big... I am bracing for the storm! Hold fast.

Agent X (An altogether different Agent X as previous)


Anonymous Amber said...

So much for a "storm" ... I'm the only one commenting here. There's not much to say except that you take a very literal view of the word "Amber". It's just a pity that the entries with a wider interpretation didn't open your mind.

11:28 PM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Dear Amber,

The beauty of having Agents is now we can blame them. YEAH, AGENT X, OPEN YOUR HORIZONS AND BROADEN YOUR EYES AND MIND THE STORE!

11:57 AM  

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