Thursday, May 17, 2007

Feeling all warm and gooey about you all.

You know what we love, dear Shamers?

We love that you're all coming together to make friends, bitch about the memes, exchange phone numbers, arrange dinner rendez-vous (don't pretend you're not) and all here on the Hall of Shame.

We've got Mr Gorin Images and Flatline slapping each other on the back, Laanba and jkirlin setting up fanclubs and huddling, we've got Neene and msdedi on speed-dial, and Kerrin's talking to, well, everybody who doesn't know her.

Ooooh. We're getting goosebumps. Keep it up and go spread the word.


Blogger Iron Flatline said...

Pfft... I'm just "big fanboy" these days. I've actually got a home-made 'Hall of Shame' badge on my About page, I leave little pithy comments, and I'm not even on the "We Like" list over on the right side of the page...

Ah, unrequited love...

9:10 AM  

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