Sunday, April 06, 2008


PHOTOMEME.NET Your one-stop photomeme shop, brought to you by your noisy upstairs neighbours, Memes Monitor and Shame, Esqs.

That would be us.

"Why?" You ask? Well, we made so damned much money with our PLEASE HELP/SEND MONEY link that we suddenly needed to spend it so we hired an OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive website developer and CRAZY expensive and unstable host.

That and we could never spell no no no YES

How any of you ever did it we have no idea and we're certain ONLY because it was the lengths that some go to when trying to hunt down prey... but whatever works.


Now don't go all sniffly and soft, daft gits, but one of the things we really enjoy about the Photo Meme Hall of Shame is the Interviews. We like you, we REALLY REALLY like you (Some of you anyway) and we ENJOY doing these daft little interviews. But more than once we have arranged an interview to have the interviewee say to us "WTF did you say the name of the wesbite was? HALL OF SHAME? FU Monkey Ass!!" You might think this an original or unique turn of phrase, but let us assure you, we hear it several times per day from disparate sources. YES! WE SHARE YOUR SHOCK!

In addition to Shaming, we also like praising and know we can do it with the same sort of glowing contempt you are used to us using to scorn. Praise and scorn are really so close. They might not be identical twins but they are certainly fraternal. So we will be highlighting a...brace yourselves daft gits...PHOTOBLOG THAT WE LIKE! We will try to do this weekly, there is no complicated algorithm, and it may only tajes us 3 or 4 weeks before we are tapped out, but we shall endeavour for you. Our beloved daft gits.

AND THAT IS NOT ALL! For 2 payments of 19.99... No, no...I am confused again and doing our late night infomercial. This is THAT IS NOT ALL! We will also be highlighting our favorite photo of the week which has been submitted to a photomeme.

So what is in this for you, now that you know what's in it for us?

There is, heaven help us, a forum. A place where if you are brave, and cunning, and shrewed, and wise, and merciful, and a git, you may, without intrusion or screening or editorializing from we, your noisy upstairs neighbours, again, heaven help us, post anything you like.

So go...take a look around. See if it works. See if you like it. If you do, then...good. If not....FU Monkey Ass!

This Hall of Shame will always exist in its present form, rest assured, but if we can roll it nicely into and be a LITTLE more than just other peanuts in the gallery, than so be it.


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