Saturday, September 08, 2007

LIVE SHAMING FROM THE 2007 Europe Photobloggers Meetup In Sunny Berlin, Germany - Pearl of the Orient!

...Actually from the Alley behind the Ellington Hotel because for some reason the Wi-Fi doesn't work in our 2007 Europe Photobloggers Meetup Room D'Amour.

After an excruciating flight via Singapore and Istanbul we arrived safely in Berlin where Arvin met us to assist with our steamer trunks (3 full and 1 empty for our swag). He fired up the Stutz Bearcat and spun wildly out of Berlin Brandenburg. We initially suspected after making our way nearly cross the globe we were hopelessly lost until we shouted in unison:

"Stop, Arvin! It's the 2007 Europe Photoblog Meetup at the Ellington Hotel!" We waited for hours for IronFlatline to come assist us with the steamer trunks but he never showed so poor exhausted Arvin had to do it alone.

We have one thing to say now that we are settled in.

YOU ARE VERY VERY BAD DAFT GITS!!!! We can't go to Berlin ONCE without having you all going roly poly pell mell and posting anything you damned well please to any damned meme! Did you think we'd not SEE?

We were not even at the DESK when we heard our names called out in the lobby by the Telegram Dwarf "Right Honourable Memes, Monitor and Shame, Esq?? Telegram for Your Noisy Upstairs Neighbors." We tore it out of his tiny hand and hushed him up with some Italian Lira we've been storing in the steamer trunks since the 50s.

It read as follows:

Colors are always fun themes over at Photo Friday: STOP

Let's see -- Red and Blue make Purple, but individually, are not Purple. STOP


Blue: STOP

I tried to be generous about drawing the line between Pink and Purple, but these were simply over the line:
Pink: STOP

Quick on the draw at #17, 'THE LOVE PURPLE' comes with an image which is full of heart, but, as far as I can tell, contains NO purple. Aqua? check -- Red? check -- Yellow? check -- Purple? negative STOP

Lots of others with nearly indistinguishable or absolutely zero purple: STOP

On the other hand, here's another image that contains not only no purple, but no color whatsoever, I actually kind of like this one for the theme: STOP

Two other black and white images that are much less effective for the theme: STOP

Purple, yes, but 'beachnut' (#9) links to a page that kills Photo Friday's Link Viewer, and must be shamed for it.
Ditto for 'Slipbox' (#111), only less success with the Purple thing -- plus the image disappears shortly after it loads -- probably for the best. STOP


--Agents S

Our advice upon reading this? MONITOR CALIBRATION, GITS! Or short of that, MORE BETA CAROTENE IN YOUR DIET or TRY THIS!

Receiving telegrams from Agents via a dwarf makes us so nostalgic for the Cold War that it makes us nearly want to cry.

We are off to collect our swag and to hunt down Vernon Trent since he never thanked us for plugging his little book and shooting him to the top of the booklist.

BEHAVE, YOU DAFT GITS, UNTIL WE GET BACK! Don't make us come back early!


Anonymous 007 said...

Thanks for the photo link to my blog !!!

7:26 AM  
Blogger dan bennett said...

i checked out this one, and its a purple mushroom. what are you, retarded?

1:04 PM  
Blogger memeshame said...

Deear 007, Welcome to our merry Hall, 007!

Dear dan bennett, AND we are the sofa kings! The Beauty of the Photo Meme Hall of Shame Secret Agent Program is that we can always say it wasn't US, then we can make a note in the Agent's monthly productivity memo and deduct accordingly from their Christmas Bonus, For instance they will recieve a frozen turkey rather than a fresh goose or a Turducken.

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Rebel Streetshooter said...

...musta missed SZCZESNY's post for Purple.
His Blog name is Rebel Streetshooter and he posted a photograph of a Stencil where he gave a Tribute to John Lennon. Another Rebel. Check it out... the Fantasy entry is personal. He hears voices when he (click)s.

10:20 AM  

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